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Trans Needed IN to PA - 11/20

November 16th, 2004, 09:17 AM
************************************************** ***
PUP TRANSPORT NEEDED: Terre Haute, IN to Claysburg, PA

Assistance is needed to transport;
6 month old male pup (Newfoundland) on;

Start/End Date: November 20th (Sat.)

Rescuer in Terre Haute, IN to Claysurg, PA

swizzbeatzxrrx @ (remove spaces), Mike Allen

Kenya Banks
birdywhirl @ (remove spaces)

If you are able to help with this transport, please contact the transport coordinator, Kenya Banks - birdywhirl @ (remove spaces). Please email directly so I don't miss anything on the message boards. Make the subject line obvious so I can identify easily. IE: "TRANSPORT" - thank you!

Legs are flexible - let me know what you can do and we will adjust.

Begin: Terre Haute, IN
End: Claysburg, PA

# of Passenger(s): One
Breed: Newfoundland
Age: 6 months
Gender: Male
Name: Unnamed
Altered?: Will be at forever home
Size/Weight: Extra Large - 140lbs.
ShotsUTD/RabiesUTD? Yes
General Temperment: Very gentle and playful (alittle timid until he gets to know you)
Any special needs?: No
Items Provided: Leash, Collar, Food, Water
Crate provided: No
Reason for transport: Mother took in sons pup (rescued) since the son was moving and could not keep. Rescue to go to forever home.

SATURDAY: November 20, 2004

1.) Terre Haute, IN - Indianapolis, IN - 77 miles **FILLED** Thanks Rescuer!
2.) Indianapolis, IN - Richmond, IN - 73 miles **NEEDED**
3.) Richmond, IN - London, OH - 78 miles **NEEDED**
4.) London, OH - Cambridge, OH - 106 miles **NEEDED**
5.)Cambridge, OH - Wheeling, WV - 51 miles **FILLED** Thanks M.G.
6.) Wheeling, WV - Washington, PA - 31 miles **FILLED** Thanks M.G.
7.) Washington, PA - Armagh, PA - 84 miles **FILLED** Thanks T.T.
8.) Armagh, PA - Claysburg, PA - 50 miles **FILLED** Thanks K.B.