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got a coooool bike of the rubbish dump yahooo

November 15th, 2004, 03:18 PM
oh it is sooooo coool and funky.

around here we are no longer allowed to take our rubbish to the dump (sydney needs our space :evil: ) so council will twice a year come and collect all your junk of the street, you make a huge ugly pile outside the house and they come and get it, but before they do everyone in town will drive around picking through each others stuff, great way to recycle and alot of the stuff is good like working tvs, dinning tables, cupboards.

anyway farmers do it too and farmers have the good stuff, they seem to have the sheds where time stands still and every now and again the clean them out for the pickup. well perusing the junk piles of the farmers the other day and my god i found the best bike, it is soooo hot its smokin :D

my mum said in her day they were called dragsters, they are the long bikes with the big monkey bar handles with the long seat with the bar up the back, and it is in the best condition, air still in the tyres. oh im soooo stoked, what a grand find.

i also found an old thunder box (thunder box, is a wodden toilet that used to have a bed pan in it and the later models sat over a hole in the ground) that was clean and sooo cool, it looked like it had never been used and was a real cool piece, it would look so good in my garden. well what do you know, a certain bloke that lives here who will remain nameless would not let me have it, he said it was just grose, yeah right mr fancy pants, it was jsut cool, it was clean looked unused, what a bummer i would have loved that talking piece in my garden.

but man is that bike hot, original paint still great just rechroming the shinny bits, but funny enough, my nephew does not seem to think it is sooo cooool, kids these day eh, wouldnt know cool if it jumped up and bit em on the backside.

oh i love the junk pickup time so much fun :D

November 15th, 2004, 03:29 PM
Cool! I'm a bike nut, so I know you got a good find! Another name for those handlebars are Ape Hangers. Get some good degreaser and clean up the chain, but be careful not to let it into the hubs or bottom bracket. Depending on your comfort level, it would probably be a good idea to take it apart and repack the bearings. Or take it to a decent bike shop and have them go over it. As far as the chrome goes, buy something called Nev-R-Dull (I believe that's how it is spelled). The stuff is amazing! I've used it on my bikes since I was 6. It comes in a tin, and it's a cotton batton with some "stuff" on it. I used to use it to clean my chrome BMX every week, and I've got my Dad using it on his Harley. I think you can buy it at Canadian Tire in the Automotive cleaning-type stuff aisle.

And when you get a chance, post some pictures!

November 15th, 2004, 04:02 PM
im heading down the bike shop soon, jsut to see what they thinmk needs doing. one very cool thing about this bike is it still has its original identification tags and markings. it has a metal plate emblem on the front and it has oxford cycles on the sides and the emblem and it has a number under the seat, its imprinted in the metal. i wondereif it was the 52009th bike produced of this kind. im going to do some web searching to see if i can find history about the company or this particular modle.

thanks for the advice mate, i will try and post a pic once it is finished.

i jsut love restoring stuff, and this one is a really fun challenge.

November 15th, 2004, 04:46 PM
If you need any advice, let me know. I've taken more than my fair share of bikes apart (and put most of them together!)

Wooops! Also realised that you probably aren't in Canada! If you can't find Nev-R-Dull there, look on the web. The stuff is amazing! I used it to clean up a set of rims that were dark brown with rust, not a bit of chrome showing. The came out almost perfect!