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BSL can protect animals too

November 13th, 2004, 04:02 PM
ok here in OZ we have some BSL, this relates to PB, some of the strange breeds like the cano something etc, but this thread is not about their BSL.

now we also have BSL that relates to greyhounds, that is the BSL i think is qutie good and protects all involved (i owuld like to say here grey hounds make excellent companion animals, great pets, they are a lovely breed, but if they have been runners in syndicate it is unlikely you will get a friendly dog). with the BSL for grey hounds it has several requirements that are to help combat abuse fo the dogs, other animals and protect others too. it aids in curbing abuse of these animals for several reasons -

the legislation aims to reduce the number of dogs that cna be in a syndicate (syndicate- lots of men invest money, breed lots of dogs, choose the best, then shoot remaining dogs) it also has requirements on the housing of these syndicate dogs and care.

previously these dogs were just left for dead, no legislation to protect them and the men in these syndicates could do anything, for instance they dont feed them any food other than dead carcus and the dogs must compete for the food, also the pups are more often than not kept in very small pens in concentrated numbers.

the legislation protects other animals as it makes illeagle the use of cows, bunnies, cats, horses or any animal for training the dog. often these dogs are trained by being starved first, then put in a paddock or bush with another animal which they chase down and kill, i have seen with my own eyes two grey hounds that got a bit too hungry and mauled to death a small calf, disgusting. i know men who realese a rabbit into the bush and then let the dog go and catch and eat it, this legislation makes this activity illeagle, although many men still practice it, it means if they get caught or witnessed something can be done.

and as a dog owner the most important piece of this leg that applies to my life, grey hounds are not to be walked in numbers larger than 4 and must be muzzled in public, this is for a good reason, if a greyhound or 3 got in a fight with my dog i know for certain charlie would be dead in secounds, that is what these men teach the dogs. we walk past several groups of greyhounds in the morning, their behaviour indicates that they want to kill my dog, and the way their owners react when they see others, its scary, thank god they are big strong men or else we would be done for and i would be hightailing it the other way (i still dotn trust them and give a wide berth).

so with this legislation we are all protected, and with the advent of proper syndicate treatment, perhaps one day these dogs wont be considered the no bodies fo the dog world, they may recieve more credibility, higher care and feeding, and get hte treatment and respect they deserve as a lovely creature. this legislation goes a long way to protecting the dogs, and that is what really matters, so this is an example of the adequate workings of BSL for a real dog problem (abuse of these dogs) (a real prob, not a few friendly little PBs).

so my point is, if applied in an adequate and thoughtful manner, it can be a very effective use of legislation and benifit all involved. i have written this to show you how BSL is supposed to work, not the mass hysteria of the poor PB crisis that is jsut abuse of the law and certainly not adequate or effecient use of legislation that is there fore a good purpose but is now been abused. :rolleyes:

November 14th, 2004, 09:33 PM
Sorry to bring this up rather late, but I also agree that legislation like that is very necessary. The only problem I have is the name: BSL? It shouldn't be called breed specific legislation, it should be legislation pertaining to animal abuse, because that is exactly what greyhounds in racetracks are put through 90% of the time. I hate it when they call it breed specific legislation. UGH...should be dealing with the people here, not the dogs. Am I right? Anyways, I do agree with you though, on the necessity of such laws.

Lucky Rescue
November 14th, 2004, 09:53 PM
You are absolutely right, pitbulliest.

The type of laws you are describing (melanie) - which are anti-cruelty laws - should be applied to any breed in reference to breeding, training, or use of the animal, not just greyhounds.

No breed - or species - should be banned because people abuse them. If that were the case, we would have very few animals left.:(

November 14th, 2004, 10:13 PM
Hmm. Things must be very different "down under".

My mom does rescue work with racing greyhounds. Dozens of them have passed through her house from all across the U.S. and Spain. While there have been a couple of dogs that have agression problems, they seem to be the exception and not the rule.

My mom owns a rescued grey and my brother has two. They are included in family holidays as are my two girls. The human total at my mom's on Christmas Eve is 9 and the dog total is 8. With nary a problem or so much as a growl. Smallest dog in attendence: a chihuahua. Largest (weight wise anyway) would be my Chase.

Having worked closely with my mom with these dogs, legislation ending dog racing would serve these dogs better. Barring that, regulations in regards to how these dogs are handled from birth to adoption after their racing careers end would be better. The stories I have heard about dogs injured while racing and live retired dogs being used for shark bait, I think racing should be banned.

BSL is BSL. It honestly helps no one.

November 14th, 2004, 10:14 PM
i totally agree about the name, the words BSL have become associated with hysterical movements in relation to banning breeds and harming dog credibility. a descriptive name of the actual legislation like pitbulliest said would be more appropriate and then more ppl may actually understand instead of becoming blindly hysterical. good idea pitbulliest.

and i to think there should be just protection of dogs full stop, its pretty sad when actual legislation needs to be used to protect a certain breed, they should just be protected like all animals deserve.

lavender, when my mum was a girl she had a greyhound and said it was the most wonderful dog around and she always raves about the breed and her childhood pet, and i have heard the breed make lovely pets from the grey hound rescue group that were in a tv show recently. i do believe llike any dog they have the potential to be wonderful, and like any dog with a horrid bad owner they can be jsut the opposite.

the grey hounds i have met over the years are only racing dogs, i have never seen one in a loving kind home so i have never seen that side of these dogs. the grey hounds i know and have seen have never been socialised wiht any other dogs, they are there to run for these men and that is that, they also use horrific techniques on these dogs to make them run, not the most conducive practice to developing a well socialised happy animal. the grey hounds i know and see daily (a few men walk their dogs up at our park very early morn) are very agressive and go crazy when they see us and i would die if i ever met those buggersin a dark alley, they honestly scare the bejesus out of me the way they react, but i know it i s not their fault and feel so sorry for them, if only they were mine we could all have a good game and lovin.

i met some grey hound pups once, they were syndicate dogs but were only little so were so friendly and cute, they were just amazing and there was 17 of them which was fun also, it was really like 101 dalmations.

Lucky Rescue
November 14th, 2004, 10:25 PM
Dog racing should definitely be banned, due to the cruelty associated with it. But this isn't likely, as it is way too lucrative.

Greyhounds are coursing sight hounds, and will hunt prey like any predator, but they are sweet and gentle, so much so that they are classified as "non-biting". They are great favorites of laboratories and vets due to their docile nature.

Sandi, it's wonderful that your mom helps these poor dogs! I worked for awhile with a lady who does greyhound rescue here in Montreal, and these dogs are real heartbreakers when they first come in.:(