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new kitty is sneezing alot and has runny nose

November 12th, 2004, 07:41 PM
Hi. I just adopted a 12 week old kitten from the spca. in the last two days he has been sneezing alot and his nose is runny. they immunized him at the spca. is he okay


Lucky Rescue
November 12th, 2004, 07:49 PM
No doubt he has rhinotracheitis from the stress of being at the shelter, or he caught it from another cat there. This is not serious in an otherwise healthy cat.

Make sure he is eating and drinking. If he has a stuffy nose, give him smelly canned food to stimulate his appetite. Wipe any secrections away from his nose and eyes with a soft moist cottonball.

Keep him warm and let him rest. As long as the secretions are clear, he is playful, acting normal and he is eating, this should pass in a week or so.

IF you see any green discharge from eyes or nose, if he stops eating or becomes lethargic, it means he has a secondary infection, and you will have to take him to the vet for antibiotics.