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another reason to keep your cats indoors.

November 11th, 2004, 12:51 PM
a very dear friend of mine had a heartbreaking experience this week... she and her family live in burnaby in the lower mainland of vancouver with a nice big fenced-in yard. sometime in the evening, one of their two lovely cats wanted to wander outside for a bit... shortly thereafter there was a loud commotion. when they checked, they saw nothing. poor kitty never came home.

the next day they were told that coyotes had been sighted in their neighborhood that night. we still don't know if sasha will eventually return but it doesn't look good. they had no idea that these blighters were wandering about or i don't think they ever would have let sasha out.

if you live in the area or in a neighborhood who has had sightings of coyotes or other larger wild animals, please be aware of them and maybe keep your kitties inside.