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Animal Shelter Must Stop Euthanizing Animals

November 11th, 2004, 12:42 PM
BAKERSFIELD -- A judge ruled Wednesday that the county must stop their current practice of euthanizing some owner-surrendered animals before the mandatory four-day holding period is up.

Now, the ruling is forcing the shelter to stop accepting some animals.

The judge made a series of injunctions against the county shelter which are based from a lawsuit filed by animal activists.

County attorney, Charles Collins, admitted in court Wednesday they don't always comply with the holding period laws, because of too many animals and not enough money.

About 2,000 animals are euthanized each month at the county animal shelter, and according to a euthanasia log, many are killed before their time.

The judge also ordered the county to hold all cats for a mandatory four-day period before they are euthanized, so they will find out if they are adoptable or wild.

Activist's attorney Kate Neiswender said people wanting to drop off their animal would be given a list of animal rescue groups to turn it over to.

In the meantime, animal groups are calling Wednesday's ruling a victory.

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November 11th, 2004, 06:45 PM
I am dumbfounded that 2K animals are killed each month at this shelter alone. How can we consider our country to be humane and loving when we allow this to go on?
Education is the only answer I can imagine will make a difference. These animals are being surrendered for reasons that are not their fault, and helping people learn how to be great animal caretakers is the best shot we have. If people come in to their animal relationships with a clear understanding of the responsibilities, maybe they won't be so quick to give up. If they know that a challenging, adolescent dog will mature and calm down then they might have the patience to get some good training in and wait it out. Or if they understand that their cat might just need one more litter box to stop it from messing the house they might try.
Most of all we need to do something about the over breeding of these animals. I wish we could place a moratorium on all breeding for just one year and see what difference it could make. Find homes for all of the animals, empty out the shelters and then permit some breeding to resume. I know that is pie in the sky - but we are beyond tragedy at this point. It would be so fabulous if the AKC would take a stand and only permit a breeder to breed a bitch every other year. It's best for the bitch and would put a hold on disreputable breeders who can sell "AKC" puppies from mothers who are being treated like puppy machines.
Oh dear, I think I just found myself on a soapbox. How did I get up here?