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Xmas Approaching

November 11th, 2004, 10:06 AM
Hello Everyone.

I was asked to send along an important seasonal message to animal owners and lovers.

This morning I received this poster by mail. I think it carries a very important message. I don't want to break any rules of this forum and I sincerely hope I'm not doing so.

Please download a copy of this poster.
To download Click here (

Please post this around your local neighbourhood and send a copy to at least 10 of your friends asking them to do the same.

For the record, I have nothing to do with the organization mentioned in this poster, I am only trying to do my part to help out.

If we work together we can save many lives this year.
Thank you
:thumbs up

Lucky Rescue
November 11th, 2004, 10:19 AM
Thank you. Let's just hope that some of the people who need to see this, will! The Montreal SPCA is inundated with rejected Christmas present pets in January.:(

Even if you are affiliated with Animatch, that's just fine as they are a reputable rescue!

November 16th, 2004, 05:47 PM
It would be interesting to know if there are any available statistics showing with a graph indicating the high points and low points of animals being handed over to shelters.

Do you know of any?


Lucky Rescue
November 16th, 2004, 06:16 PM
The number ONE dumping period in Montreal is around July 1st - moving day, when people of course cannot transport their cat or dog to another part of the city.

The SPCA can tell you the numbers, but this year I believe it was astronomical. :mad:

November 17th, 2004, 07:32 AM
Lucky I'm wondering if you have some names of "Not-so-reputable" rescues.

There is a rescue group on the corner of St. Charles and Pierrefonds Blvd, who seem to regularly be at the Mondou stores with cages and cages of cats. Their name doesn't come to me now, but they seem to be well known around the area. (will try to remember name later)

Once while at Mondou to pick up some supplies, I did hear someone mention that in fact, most of their cats are the result of kitty mills and that they actual care cats are given while in their possession is below standard.

I also think some months ago, they were in the paper up on neglect charges.
Reason I'm asking is that they still seem to be active and around Xmas time, I try as much as possible to donate dog foods, money and anything else I can.

Let me know if you have an info on bogus shelters in Mtl.