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Dog Bite!!

November 11th, 2004, 08:32 AM
:eek: I almost got bit by an Austrailian Cattle Dog!!! Good customers of ours came to our shop and brought their dog. (They just adore my Pit Bull!!) The wife stayed in her car with her dog so I went out to say "Hi." I asked if her dog was friendly and she said "of course he is!" (I've seen the dogs many times before at her house.) So I went to hold out my hand for the dog to sniff it so I could try to pet him. Well he didn't seem to friendly or enthused. I went and got him a treat and held it out for him to take. He didn't want thing I knew he lunged at it and almost took my finger with it!!! I knew he was going to bite and took my finger away just in the nick of time! He just grazed the skin, didn't leave a mark. Well the owner was quite upset but I told her not to worry. The dog was just defending it's territory or it was just scared of me. The dog is by no means aggressive. My point is.........................Dogs bite for a reason!!

The dog was adorable and I wish I could have squeezed him and hugged him, but maybe some other time!