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Ringling Bros Circus in Toronto

November 10th, 2004, 06:16 PM
Ringling Bros circus is coming to town in Toronto. They'll only be here till Sunday, but I urge everyone to spread the news NOT TO GO.... there is far too much animal abuse and exploitation that happens behind the scenes in circuses...these poor animals should be enjoying life, not couped up in tiny cages and being forced to do what is unnatural to them. Cirque du Soleil is an amazing show that involves no animals, and has had the greatest success..people are always talking about how incredible the performances are after they come back from a show. If you guys know anyone that is interested in going to Ringling Bros, please let them know never to support circuses that include animals such as tigers, lions, or elephants...

For more information on circuses, please visit this site:

Feel free to pass this onto other forums and just let people know.

November 10th, 2004, 06:42 PM
The "Super Circus" will be in Montreal from Christmas day to the 29th. I urge everyone to boycott it along with the Toronto circus!

When I was 6 years old, my dad took me to the circus. At this event, I saw an elephant crush his keeper... I later found out he crushed him to death. I then heard that the elephant was promptly shot. All I can remember, and these are the impressions of a 6 year old without pre-formed biases, is the look of sheer terror and despair in the poor elephant's eyes. He had been pushed, abused, forced to retaliate. It was a defining moment for me. I remember feeling far worse for the elephant than I did for the humans involved with the circus... I vowed at that moment to care for animals in this world and give them the respect they DESERVE. I knew this animal was not at fault - it was the humans who destroyed his majestic spirit.

Animals are not put on earth to tickle us humans' fancy. They are here to live a life of mutual respect with other life forms. Evern if we cannot prevent the massive disrespect of animals and nature that humans deploy on Mother Earth on a daily basis, we can at least boycott blatant and flagrant displays of such disrespect. Please, take your children to the Cirque de Soleil instead. Better yet, take them to a library and teach them about animals in their natural habitat. Let's stop this madness for once and for all!

November 10th, 2004, 11:36 PM
I remember going to Granby Zoo as a child. I was so excited to go on the
elephant ride. I waited in line. When it was my turn I noticed the keeper
whip the elephant. I turned to my parents and said..."I don't want to go anymore" My parents couldn't understand what changed my mind. They thougt I was afraid. My dad said he would walk beside me the whole time.
Finally I explained "why" I didn't want to go ... I was maybe 6-7. I had comlpetely forgotten about this...until now.

They made that poor elephant go round in a circle all day :sad:

I agree...boycott both :thumbs up

November 15th, 2004, 04:00 PM
I would never dream of going to a circus or a Zoo for that matter....Cirque du Soleil is a fantastic show every time and no animals are abused.
I went to the Toronto Zoo a few years back and was very upset about the small cage a beautiful Ozelot was kept,stinking of cat-urine,he was all alone...very sad :sad:
Most modern countries in Europe have out-lawed wild animals in cicuses and I thought Canada was the same,wrong again :evil: