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Can you take a cat for a visit to another house?

November 10th, 2004, 12:25 PM
This may be really silly, but I am just wondering if it is possible to take a cat to another person's house if say, for example, you are going there for the evening. Mainly my in-laws. They have no pets of their own and they live in a bungalow. They love our cat (Brackley) and want us to bring him over when we go over for a visit. Is this possible? He is 4.5 months and he isn't afraid of much. We don't even own a carrier for him because he would much rather look out the window whe we are in the car than be locked up in a carrier.


November 10th, 2004, 12:28 PM
your cat should be fine! especially if he is curious, he will adjust to the house with no problems. if not, all he will do is find somewhere to hide and camp out there until he thinks he is safe (which for some cats can take days...)

if i can take 4 cats and a dog to a friend's house (who also has four cats) in a 1500 sq ft house without incident, i'm sure you will will be just fine!

November 10th, 2004, 12:52 PM
Yes! Yes! Yes! For Sure they can visit. :D I take my four (not all at the same time mind you, because my parents have two of their own) to my parents house for visits. And they also come with me to my husbands parents when we go, all the way to Kincardine (that's 3.5 hrs in the car!!! :eek: ). When they are in the car however I strongly suggest that you use a harness and lead and make sure the lead is fastened to the seatbelt in the back seat (the middle one allows them to explore anywhere in the car without being able to reach under the driver's feet or the dashboard), I also made my own contraption that attaches to the front passenger seat, with about a foot or so of give that is hooked directly to their harness, with this one they can only sit on one seat but are able to see out the windows....and trust me they like looking out the windows just as much as a dog. Just be sure to have them safely strapped in and even better is to have child safety lock windows, as they tend to put their feet on the arm rest and can open the window (if you have power windows.....I had that scare once....and only once, then started to strap them in even just to go across town to my mom's).

Oh, and on longer car trips make sure to have a sm. litter box just in case. I set mine up on the floor of the back seat. You can take water and food too. And even some hotels will allow you to bring a cat with you for a small fee. Travelling with your cats is great...I mean why should the dogs get to go on all the cool vacations?! :p

It is always a good idea to get them used to a harness and lead as soon as possible, this way they get used to walking with you, and it makes even vet visits much easier. Our cat Buddy walks on his lead just like a dog (almost struts really :rolleyes: , although not in as straight a line), and sits behind me on the seat as if he was wearing the real seat belt. The girls however like to roam the car and check all the windows. And the little new guy is still getting used to the lead and harness so still often travels in the carrier.

Just remember that cats can be trained just like just takes time and patience, heck my cat Smoke has even been taught to 'fetch' her toy mice. Although with cats, they'll do these tricks only when THEY feel like it....not so much on command, more like taking a suggestion into consideration. LOL

November 10th, 2004, 01:58 PM
Yes, cats are great little visitors. BUT I would never take my cat anywhere without a carrier! It is like dricing without a seatbelt. A cat outside of a carrier in a car is a danger to both him/herself and you. In an accident, they become projectiles and if even some minor incident occurs, they may bolt and you can then spend hours looking for them and hopefully find them. There are so many sad stories of cats who were involved in a car accident or were spooked by something and off they went , never to be seen again.

By all means, bring your cat to visit but please get a carrier!!!!!

Getting them used to a leash and harness is a great idea as well. That way, you can safely take them outdoors during your visit without worry. And I would also bring a litter box. You can create a small travel like litter box.

Another option is this for car travel: