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Dog training?

November 9th, 2004, 08:13 AM
Hi, I'm new here. There is a lot of knowledgeable people on this forum and I would like to ask for some help. Can anyone recommend a few training schools for my 2 dogs? It would be nice to find one in the Toronto or Pickering area. I have 2 Bassett hounds. Both 2 years old. One I just picked up from a rescue group. Anyhow, I had the other since he was a baby and hired a dog trainer to come to my house and teach him basic stuff. I found that the training was mostly around putting a choke/ pinch collar and correcting. They are both good natured but I would like them to not jump up when people come and to come when I say. My dog if outside without a lease goes crazy running all over the road and jumping up on strangers for attention! He won't come to me if I call. i need to teach them both as well as myself. My first training course from a dog supply store was no help. Help!!



November 9th, 2004, 08:35 AM
I am going to try Who's Walking Who next week. They have two locations in Toronto. One in the distillery district the other somewhere in East York. They also have a Pickering location.

This is the link. You can read about thier methods. A little pricey but I hope worth it.

November 9th, 2004, 07:16 PM
I will be no help advising you on local trainers - sorry. But Please make sure you research a number of options before you make a choice. Ask people with really good dogs where they got their training. Try to pick someone who exudes passion for dogs and is able to teach you to understand who dogs are and who you should be in relationship to them. It is so much more than comes, sits & stays. It is about being a great dog parent.
It is not about teaching your dog how to sit or down - he already knows how to do those actions - it is about teaching you how to communicate clearly and for him to do it out of respect for you and your relationship.
My first recommendation is to keep that dog on a leash, no more recess to run a muck. You wouldn't allow your child to run about jumping on the neighbors. It is your responsibility to teach him good manners and respect for others. This means you are in control of his behavior and you need to always work towards success.
For example - if you ask him to sit with a hand signal, and he doesn't than he is challenging you. Do not push his bottom down, because that is forcing him to sit and his brain never made a choice. Move him 2 steps (movement is a form of pressure) and try again. Bug him until he chooses to sit. OR when he challenges you - you say NO in a firm (not loud) tone (voice tone is a form of pressure) and lean in to him as you point to his bottom (distance is a form of pressure) and just stay there, be patient, the bottom should slowly drop down. You have pressured him in to choosing to sit. Then give a soft "good sit, thanks" (praise is the reward & release of pressure). He needs to learn that challenging you doesn't work and is a waste of his time.
Just some tips - good luck.

November 10th, 2004, 08:11 AM
Thank you for the info. I have put a call into who's walking who and also

November 16th, 2004, 12:12 PM
I would also have a look at Tenderfoot's website. She gave good advice, but didn't plug her own service, so I will for her. :)

I am using her DVDs and am getting very good results. Their insight into the dog/owner relationship makes a lot of sense, and the technique is gentle. My pup is pretty stubborn and still challenges me, but now I know how to deal with it effectively, and she is getting better. Good Luck :thumbs up