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rotty neutered - making him lazy?

November 8th, 2004, 08:41 PM
i was thinking of getting my dog
neutered but someone told me that they become depressed
and this true?

November 8th, 2004, 09:01 PM
hmmmm... I can't resist... Men don't get depressed and moody when they get a vasectomy, in fact it appears to be the reverse in some males, lol.

All kidding aside though, I have yet to meet a male(dog) that is depressed and moody because he's missing his gonads. I really think that's an old wives tale!

Neuter your dog, it's better than the possibility of prostate cancer later on in life, isn't it?

November 8th, 2004, 09:39 PM

Not Neuter.....Not Good.

Healthy Pet.....Good!

Sick Pet........Not Good.

November 8th, 2004, 09:51 PM
the 3rotty's that i have seen that have been neuterd are so lazy and have become fat

Lucky Rescue
November 8th, 2004, 09:55 PM
Dogs get fat because their owners don't exercise them enough.

This is from the "No PuppyMills Canada" site:

Neutered male dogs are less apt to develop prostate cancer, and the risk of testicular cancers is eliminated. Up to 60% of older, intact dogs will get enlarged, painful prostates. Neutering male dogs greatly decreases the potential for aggressive behaviour and biting, and tends to calm overactive dogs as well. It also decreases or eliminates "humping" behaviour.

November 8th, 2004, 09:56 PM
Is that because they were neutered? Or is it because they were allowed to become lazy? Do their owners walk them and play with them much? A friend of mine had a huge male Rottie. Chester. What a beauty! Not an ounce of fat on this dog's body, because his owner was an active guy and took him everywhere (roller blading, bike riding, hiking, camping, etc...). Let's face it - what happens to us if all we do is lay around on the sofa? Same thing goes for your dog. ;)

November 9th, 2004, 07:31 AM
With proper nutrition and exercise, there is no reason for a dog to become fat after being altered. Altering doesn't change your dogs basic personality.

Lucky Rescue
November 9th, 2004, 02:42 PM
Men don't get depressed and moody when they get a vasectomy, in fact it appears to be the reverse in some males, lol.

Just to clear something up, for anyone who may be reading this and is not sure.

A vasectomy is not a neuter. I don't think too many men would be very frisky after being castrated, which is what a neuter is. :p

November 9th, 2004, 03:03 PM
Good point LOL. My last 3 dogs have been neutered and they do not become lazy or get fat. I never changed their routines they still had plenty of exercise and no change actually 1 there was a big change his temperment seemed to mellow but not energy level. Plus I am sure that you want to have you guy around as long as possible and this can only extend his life. They recover very quickly from it.