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Crash, Bang, Boom! LOL

November 8th, 2004, 06:44 PM
Last night, my roomie and I were watching TV. Cody, my eldest cat, 13, had just had his "special dinner", Nutro Senior. Well, he never finishes his portion in one sitting so I "hide" it on the counter, cover it with a bowl, sometimes a dishtowel. I don't "let" the twin felines get his food.

Huxley, one of the 3 yr old twin females, knows it is there and is obsessed by it. Last night, she made three consecutive attempts to get to it, not a minute apart. She is never that brave. Like most times I have tried to catch her, she was able to dart past me and hide. I have small house, but she hides well. For an offense like this, I don't toss the bed over just to find her. LOL.

The third time, after I tried to find her, I went back to watching TVand decided to try again in a few minutes, I knew she would come out by them. I caught her coming through my roomie's room, but I startled her so badly she hissed and spit and scared the 2 canines into barking. We were all wrecked. I figured she didn't need to be scolded more than that.

Not 5 minutes later, we heard "Crash! Bam! Boom!". I jumped to my feet wondering what in the world she could have done this time.

We searched the house, all 5 rooms LOL, and saw nothing trashed. Hmmm?

I then opened the closet doors, fortunately none of the animals had been inside the bi-fold doors, since the brackets on the top wire-rack shelf loaded with clothes, had broken and slipped down onto the other shelf, breaking it also.

Crash! Bang! Boom!, but not kitty related!

No one else behaved badly the rest of the evening, :) especially me since I was tired from moving all those now-not-hanging clothes off two 6 foot racks.

I am not sure why I wanted to share this, but after it was over, I laughed hard at myself for thinking that little 7 lb kitty had done something to make such a noise from the other room!


November 8th, 2004, 07:01 PM
Too funny!

That reminds me of a former client of a vet I worked for long ago. This client bottle raised two Pitbull X Rotti pups. She also raised prize rose's that she won many ribbons for across the state in her garden club.
Well, the morning of the "big snip" appointment with us she could not find the two fur balls, she was running late...she ran around the yard and found them tearing into the rose garden, destroying everything in their wake!
As I said she was running shew as also pissed...but no time for that.
She cussed..both dogs where loaded in the car and she drove to the clinic.
Btw, she never spanked the pups...but they knew they did "something" wrong...they were very quiet on the trip!

To make a long story short....after picking up the pups later in the day and forever after....never, ever did those two go into the garden again...never needed a reminder either! They gave it a very wide berth!

*Maybe they were afraid of losing something else?*

November 10th, 2004, 04:40 PM
Thanks for replying, Karin, loved your story!