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Scottie's 2nd Obed Class

sue fox
November 8th, 2004, 11:43 AM
Well Scottie and I went yesterday for 2nd obed training. He loves it and does great with socialization. He also does great with sit, stay, heel l/r turns but would not go "down". After 2nd attempt I walked him over to the trainer and switched dogs with him asking him to demonstrate. There was no way he would go down, and he CRIED :o JUST LIKE A GUY!
Well the trainer said to try treats while practising at home. This is not my choice but after we got home, well a while after since we had company, I broke his favourite treat in 3 and the first 2xs refused to go "down" so I walked away into another room and we started again. After the 2nd attempt I was able to push down on shoulders and he went down I immediately reinforced with cookie and lots of verbal praise!! Well after the 6th time he was doing it without physical prompt!! Than after a nap we were playing fetch and I decided to put down in after he usually sits waiting for me to throw the ball. After 2xs prompting by holding collar he was doing it independently for 1/2 hr. I was sooo excited which probably excited him, and today when I gave him his cookie again broke it and he went down, with just hand signal (finger pointing down). Boy there's something in that BIG HEAD!! I always knew it :thumbs up :angel:

November 8th, 2004, 05:49 PM
Good for you in persevering after class!