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advice for new kitty

louie's mum
November 7th, 2004, 08:24 PM
hey everybody. took louie in 3 days ago. :love: he chose my sister to save him and we haven't been able to find his owners. she had him for a few days but couldn't keep him and me ... well, i'm just a softie.
he appears to be around 4-6 months or so, still intact and is still plumb tuckered out from his big adventure. think he must have been from a once loving home cuz he REALLY likes being indoors. i took him outside on a leash today and i don't know how he survived in the 'wild' cuz just the sound of rustling leaves flattened him out on the ground scared to death (maybe the trama of the past couple of weeks caused this). don't think i have to fear him running away. ;)
he's very affectionate and is beginning to show his kittenish (he may be younger than i think) behaviour which although is amusing doesn't thrill me (always figured i'd save an adult animal).
aside from that ... i'll be taking him to the vets for a checkup and arrange neutering. feel stupid asking but my question is how do i take a stool sample to the vets? can it be covered with cat litter? (i'm concerned about worms).
any way to deter kitties from getting up on counters or places they shouldn't or is this just a lost cause and let him have the run of the house?
thanks in advance.

Lucky Rescue
November 7th, 2004, 09:03 PM
Thanks for taking Louie in.(love the name by the way!)

I don't see a problem with the stool sample having cat litter on it. It shouldn't hinder the detection of worms.

As for counter jumping, etc. Louie is at a wild and crazy age, but you can nip this in the bud by not leaving food on counters, and putting strips of double-sided sticky tape on the counters for now. No food + Sticky tape = no fun for Louie!

It's good that he's afraid to go outside. He's much safer indoors.

We'd like to see a pic of this little guy.:)

louie's mum
November 7th, 2004, 09:43 PM
thanks lucky.
it's kind of funny cuz my sister thought he was a she when she took kitty in. the 3 of us (including my nephew) thought lily suited 'her' so we figured that would be her name.
the first night i got 'her' home, she was walking away from me and i thought .... hmmmm that doesn't look right (unless she was a little swollen, kind of like little cottonballs. :sorry: lol)
he stopped, sat down, started to lick his hind quarters and there was suddenly no question about it.
i immediately called sis to say <cough, cough> um, excuse me but our lily is a louie ... so that's how he got his name and the more i get to know him the more it suits him. :-)
just like any proud new mamma, i've taken a bunch of pics, just have to download to computer. i'll try to post one as soon as i can. nothing like baby pics, lots and lots of baby pics. :rolleyes:
he is a little luv bug and just can't seem to get close enough when he flakes out. bought him lots of toys to avoid chewing and biting the furniture etc. so far so good. hoping the vet can shed a little light on his real age. think he has a couple of adult teeth but can't be sure.
thanks for the tips. i'll try the sticky tape for sure.
i'm currently on page 38 of this forum and am learning a lot from u folks.
sure is nice to see so many animal lovers. warms my heart even tho some of the threads break it a little. :love:

November 8th, 2004, 01:24 AM
That's too funny. :D I guess your sister wasn't paying attention to Louie. :D

November 8th, 2004, 02:38 AM
Awww...I :love: happy endings.

November 8th, 2004, 07:56 AM
Love the"cotton-balls"description :crazy: My little(not so little anymore!)foundling Vinnie is white and his little cuties looked just like cotton-balls :D
Also,thanks for giving him a home :thumbs up

louie's mum
November 8th, 2004, 01:21 PM
louie's white as well, hence the description. :p he has black patches with a little lion like face. very pretty.
as a kid i was very allergic to cats. i'm afraid i'm beginning to have a couple of problems, itchy eyes (yes i wash my hands after playing), sinus headache and am getting a little clogged up even tho i take an antihistimin every day. he's intent on cuddling up on my chest spread out like a dog and i just can't resist.
i think i recall reading something about putting a little touch of vinegar in cat's drinking water to help reduce dander production. can anyone verify? i'm already totally head over heels over this little guy but need to get ahead of the problem, before i end up in worse shape than normal. i'm not the healthiest individual (disability) and because of fatigue have trouble vaccuuming everyday. i do have hard wood floors and area rugs which help but yikes. there's noone around that can help me with a little of the extra attention.
i also read about cat food making a difference. i know it may break the rules but can anyone recommend dry food that may help? my sisters neighbour gave her purina cat food to feed louie so that's what i bought since he seemed to really enjoy it but have since read some info here that it's not the best quality even tho it does fit in with my budget. i suspect he needs kitten food, up to what age i do not know. any help from the 'experts' (that is anyone who's owned by a cat here on the forum :) ) would be so much appreciated.
thanks for the responses, i like it here ... so much better than some 'people' forums ;)