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papillion scratching and scratching

November 5th, 2004, 01:35 PM
:sick: our 15lb dog has been scratching her front legs and the back half of her
body for about 3 mos.she also chews at her skin as if she were trying to dig something out of it. She has done a much milder form of this behavior for years and always around sept-nov.we thought she would stop but no. finally we sprayed something from the pet store called "sulfodene" and i give her 25mg of benadryl twice a day. this seems to have stopped the chewing and scratching but there now appears to be moderate hair loss and some of her "used to be white" hair has turned grayish. i am hoping that this is not exzcyma(?) because then it means a trip to "goldfinger" the vet. need help or $1000 for the vet.


heeler's rock!
November 5th, 2004, 01:43 PM
It is most likely an allergic reaction to something, possibly in her food. It could also be ticks or fleas. The only way to know for sure is go to the vet right away. This is obviously causing her discomfort and most likely pain. Take her in to get checked ASAP.

November 5th, 2004, 02:00 PM
Please go to the vet! A large vet tab is not in order but if you wait and do not get proper treatment...could be in the long run! Make the appointment yesterday!

And keep us updated Please?

November 6th, 2004, 10:51 AM
The color change could be caused by the irritation of her chewing. When Den-Den gets an owie, the hair grows in apricot for a while, then eventually comes in cream again.

November 6th, 2004, 01:29 PM
What kind of dog food are you feeding her? Are her arms/feet pink from licking and chewing too much? Is her skin peeling? Does it smell like burn? What does it smell? Have you checked her ears? Are they red? Does it look anything like this?

I suggest you to make an appointment with veteririan and see what she/he thinks. If it is allergic, you need to change your dog's diet.

I highly recommond you to change her diet to Natural Balance (Vegetables only) This food sells at Petco or visit the website. Your dog could be lack of Omega 3/6 in her body and this usually cause itching, chewing, and hot spots.Omega 3/6 is responsible for repairing a new coat and could pervent hot spots. If I were you, I would buy two small kibble bags from natural balance and Wellness.

Wellness has excellent Omega 3 and 6 in their food
Try Wellness Fish and Potato
Good luck
HOpefully this helps