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my dog is a panzy!

November 4th, 2004, 01:35 PM
I brought Cano out to go potty, after the rain slowed down, and was just sprinkling, and he refused to go out of under the overhang of the house. And would not pee. I had to drag him onto the grass and wait for him to go.He is terrified of rain, hoses, and water that is deeper that 2 or 3 inches! Is anyone elses dog like this? He is a lab, so you would assume that he would have a love for water, but instead he is deathly afraid of it.
I mean, it was barely even sprinkling, and he was terrified!

November 4th, 2004, 01:45 PM
thats hilarious! sounds like a cat trapped in a dog's body

November 4th, 2004, 01:51 PM
One of our dogs hated to get wet, so being to easly manulipated servent, that I am :) , I had hubby build a covered walkway for the doggie. MAde getting her outside a lot easier. 90 pound :evil: . Lol, anyway she passed away a few years ago,and I turned the walkway in to a summer time, outside living room.

November 4th, 2004, 01:59 PM
He's not stupid is he....why should he be the only one to get wet????? :crazy: My dogs hate going out in the rain - especially at this time of year, when it is cold as well. One of them always runs around under the trees on three legs. The leg off the ground changes from time to time :p

November 4th, 2004, 02:02 PM
I wish that we could do that. But it is rental property, and even to put up a fence, we would have to go through a bunch of stuff. I do agree that it is funny, but with the way it has been raining lately, he needs to learn that the rain won't hurt him, and he will just get a little wet, not drenched. I rarley need to take him out if it is raining hard, and I try to wait as long as possible until the rain has slowed down, to a point where it is hardly raining at all. But there are just days were it seems to pour all day long. I feel sorry for him, but at the same time, I have to laugh at him being such a coward. He reminds me of that one cartoon. Courage the cowardly dog! Maybe I shold give him that nickname!

November 4th, 2004, 02:05 PM
I always take him out on leash, so he's not the only one who gets wet. He is very smart for his age. He is just afraid of water. James and I have to climb in the tub with him, in order to keep him in for his baths. I don't know if maybe he had a bad experience with water before or what, but it is rather wierd, I have never seen a dog that hated water so much.

November 4th, 2004, 02:58 PM
How old is Cano? Diamond would avoid puddles, run from the hose, hate rain, etc, until.......the day......WE THREW HER IN THE LAKE!! She swam around a while, came up on shore, ran to me to throw her in again. Now we can't keep her away from the hose, or puddles, or rain...etc.

Maybe Cano needs a firm (but fair) introduction! :evil:

Oh....never mind! I see he's scared of the tub too. If he's very young that could explain it.

November 4th, 2004, 03:03 PM
We compare our little Panzy dog to "The kid with the pocket protector, glasses, braces and an asthma inhalor!!" He is scared of EVERYTHING, (other then people or animals!!). He's scared of dinner plates ( :confused: ), he's terrified of new places, new things, bicycles, cars, and skateboards???? We have no idea why. We never beat him with a dinner plate :p or even dropped one since we've had him! Rain doesn't bother him, but puddles scare the bejeses out of him!!
What funny dogs! Love 'em to death, don't understand 'em!

November 4th, 2004, 03:03 PM
please dont throw cano in a pool or anything, it does work well for some dogs, it did with my girl ,chucked her in and off she went, but i saw a woman do this and her dog near drowned, not all dogs are natural swimmers or like it, and that owner had to get in the cold creek after the dog, it was pretty funny (lost of us there so pup would neverh ave drwoned).

charlie has an opposite problem, she likes to sit in the rain and its really embarassing, ppl always comment she has not enough sense to come in out of the rain, but she just doesnt want to, she loves the rain but hates the hose, runs if a hose is seen, but yep, if it rains she lays down in the yard and i literlaly have to go and get her and convince her to come in, once it started to hail and i had to yell at her to get in, she loves it, little freak. :D but she will also sit in the sun during 40c weather and sits so close to the fire it worries you, silly dogs.

November 4th, 2004, 03:10 PM
Little Bentley (nearly 9 weeks) is not fond of the rain either. Today i had to carry an unbrella outside and cover him while he found the perfect spot. With out the unbrella he would just want to get picked up or he would sit there shivering. So there i was shuffling around under the tree holding an unbrella, covering a little guy trying to go potty. AHHH the joys of house training in the rain :)

Good luck with your guy in the rain.

November 4th, 2004, 03:16 PM
Try taking your dog for a walk in the rain. My lab mix hated the rain too, but she loves walks. The 1st time she was a little conflicted and walked fast and didn't sniff much. During the second walk she started figuring out that it was no big deal, and now she doesn't even pay attention to it. We're kind of in the same boat in Seattle...any dog here that doesn't like rain has a serious problem! :)

November 4th, 2004, 03:26 PM
I had a Sharpei a long time ago that hated the rain and would walk with her eyes closed do her business and turn around a look at me like okay lets go home. Because she love getting dried off when we got home.

November 4th, 2004, 03:27 PM
I just remembered the cutest thing on the news few days ago...A store here in Montreal Quebec called Urban pets I believe carries a doggie umbrella! It has a harnest attached to it and the umbrella fits right over your pet, with an extension and a leash which makes it amazingly easy to use. For those of you outside Montreal, maybe an internet search will pop up other carries of the product.

November 4th, 2004, 04:46 PM
Cano is 9 months old now. We have taken him into our pool once. We kept him right next to us. He does know how to swim, but even with us being right next to him, he swam right to the edge and tried to climb out. James eventually took him in the middle of the pool, and led him around, he seemed to swim very well, but boy was he ever happy to get out of there. Maybe he just doesn't like it. We will see what happens when we bring him to visit my mother-in-law's house. She lives right on the river, and he may like it better being that he can gradually get into deeper water. I am sure that in time, he may learn to enjoy the water. I sure hope so. I am a counrty girl, and I love going boating and swimming, and would love to take him, when we go home to visit family. Right now, we are living in an area that is kind of high residential. We live about half an hour from Washington D.C. I can't wait to move back home.

November 4th, 2004, 06:07 PM
My little Schnauzer who has now passed on just hated going out in the rain and hated having baths. However, she loved to swim, so I could never understand that. :confused: Is there any way you could make an adventure in the rain a fun experience? Such as giving an extra special treat when out in the rain, so your dog would associate the experience with pleasure? Just a thought - often easier said than done!

November 4th, 2004, 06:21 PM
That is a great idea. We just bought him beggin wraps, and he has had 1. He went nuts over it. Maybe, I will put one in my pocket, when I have to take him out in the rain, from now on. It would probably work, I give him half and then walk out in the rain. I bet then he would come out of under the overhang, just to get it. It will probably be rainy again sometime this weekend, I will let you know how it goes.

November 4th, 2004, 06:24 PM
a thunder storm here,I expected hannah to bolt to the door,but she just ran a bit,sat down and looked around..I didnt make a big deal of it..I just said in a high pretty voice "whats that baby girl"
She does NOT like the rain tho..and I have to coax her out to do much for having a water dog..Cujo LOVED the rain and anything wet..and I expect hannah will too

November 4th, 2004, 06:53 PM
maybe next time it is raining and he wants to go out to play, I will let him. He probably won't want to go out once he finds out that it is raining though, but maybe if I go out and play in it too......... Who knows.

November 4th, 2004, 08:00 PM
Wilson hates the rain too! He does exactly what Cano does when it's raining and he needs to pee! It's raining here today and this morning Wilson refused to get out of the car! I had to pull him out :eek:

The first time I discovered his disllike for the rain was when I took him out one morning for his walk, suddenly it started to rain (not lots, just a light sprinkle), Wilson stopped dead in his tracks and would not move until I turned around and headed for home! Poor Wilson, he is so precious!!