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Researching Welsh Terrier

November 3rd, 2004, 11:51 PM
I have already been to the Association websites and other breed info sites, and have contacted the two breeders listed in my province of Ontario.

Now I would like to hear from real owners out there, if they have anything to share about their pets. I have owned a wheaten in the past, as well as a little black and tan terrier cross, Abbey, who may have been part Welshie. Her bouyant terrier spirit was in sharp contrast to the much more laid back Wheaten - both stole our hearts, but in different ways. Abbey was always looking for fun, ready to chase a ball or play hide and seek. Both could jump as high as my shoulder when greeting me. The wheaten had many more health problems though she did live to almost 14 years old.
Anyway, any advice or stories from Welsh Terrier owners out there?