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Chicken bones

November 3rd, 2004, 09:38 AM
My neighbour sometimes put out a few leftovers for the neighbourhood strays. Occasionally it is one of those chickens you buy ready-cooked at the grocery store. My cats are mad for it; nothing I might offer them compares to this delicacy (I admit it does smell good, and I'm a veggy!). However, am I right in thinking the bones are dangerous for cats? So far there hasn't been a problem, but I was thinking of dropping him a note...

November 3rd, 2004, 09:49 AM
Cooked bones are definately bad for any animal. They splinter and can cause a great deal of damage to the animal's insides.

Print off some articles, reagarding the feeding of cooked bones, and pass them along. Maybe the neighbour has no idea it's bad for the animals. :sick:

Lucky Rescue
November 3rd, 2004, 09:51 AM
Cats can't shatter the larger bones as a dog would, but IF there are wings or other very small bones left on the bird, a cat might bite through and swallow one. There is the possibility of the sharp bones piercing or becoming lodged in the cat's throat, stomach or intestines.

It's much better to strip the meat off the carcass before giving it.

November 3rd, 2004, 10:04 AM
Do you have any good links? He doesn't have a cat himself (I tried :)) but seems very open to animals.

That's alright - I'll drop him a line - he generally just puts his plate near the door, last night I took away several 'drumstick bones' plus plenty of those small wing bones. He'll get it, no need for a long explanation. Thanks.

November 3rd, 2004, 10:22 AM
I'll do some digging and see what I can come up with for you.

November 3rd, 2004, 10:35 AM
Well, after doing some digging (yes, I dig very fast! Quite the Internet savvy person here!), there are no specific articles relating to feeding cooked bones to cats. But, every article I've found, or website, states that feeding cooked bones is dangerous due to splinters.

I'll edit this and add more pages as I go.

one (
two (
The best one yet here (

I hope this helps a bit.

November 3rd, 2004, 01:34 PM
Thanks Diamond, I need to read this stuff too. NO cooked bones, got it.