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dogs teaching each other to fight

October 31st, 2004, 06:13 PM
mums pup has just been here. he and charlie have started a very cute attack game. but i am worried she is teaching him not to back down, he is shizu X so will always be little and my GSD is teaching him to fight her way, i just wonder if i am setting him up for a big fall.

the game goes like this- charlie lies on the floor, he runs up and pretends to attack or go for her, she swats him (still lying down) and will mouth his neck then lets him go, rolls on her back, he jumps on her and mouths her neck then they start again. charlie hardly ever bothers to stand up, just lies there doing it,.

i have noticed he is getting good at swatting and stuff, real good. but i am wondering surely he will recognise an agressive dog, he is smart and charlie is not agressive to him, although she has in the past put him in his place and he seems to back down when she is being serious. so i am assuming he will naturally make that connection, i justy dont want him thinkingg he is that tough. it is the stupidst game, anyone watching cnat help laughing, chalrie is so lazy, does not even get up, it is hilarious, but i assure you it is not agressive or nasty, if it were i would not allow it, and i know charlie really well to be able to immeadiatly pick up on any signals of anger or worry or annoyance, she is a good tolerant girl esp with puppies, i think that is natural as i have never told her how to play with them, she would have been such a top mum, but i could never have given away her pups (my grandchildren) so i never let it happen. :rolleyes:

when charlie was a pup i allowed this play with another dog ans she is not agressive and wil back down if necessary (she is yet to see the need for necessity :angel: )

but she is a good fighter and knows her moves, so i think the older dogs taught her this, but max is so little, it makes me wonder.
he is a right little goer, a real character.

so what od you think, will max the puppy understand to back down in fights, or is charlie just beign a bad influence?? (she is always trying :D :p ) next she will be trying to sneak him down the pubs at night, ahhhh baby dogs. if i ever thought it wasnt good i owuld stop it, but they like it so i really dont watn to stop their play and lessons, so what do you think (i am erring to the side of nature on this one but any opinions welcomed, just not agressive ones, we could play fight instead:D :D

October 31st, 2004, 06:20 PM
forgot to mention i have never encouraged ihis game, they started it of their own bats. i do not interfrer just watch to make sure it does not end in tears, bnut it doesnt. but no i have never encourage or discouraged it, it was their idea. :crazy:

October 31st, 2004, 07:19 PM
Den-Den and Corky play-fight all the time and take turns being the aggressor. Den-Den is a miniature and Corky a small toy, so there is a big difference in their sizes. Believe me though, when Corky goes too far, or when Den-Den has had enough, he lets Corky know it and Corky pays attention! It's amazing to watch them!

November 4th, 2004, 10:07 AM
just let them go at it, unless u start to see some viscious agression.

I learned this from the board re: cHo :)