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Scottie started Obed. today!!

sue fox
October 31st, 2004, 05:29 PM
Hey everyone! Scottie started basic obedience today. This is a new experience for me as when our past Wheaten went it was obed for 8mos and adults so there was no socialization time. Well Scottie loved it but I have to say I was a little uncomfortable. First of all there were 8 GSDs, 2 Staffies, and I think the other was a Husky(beautiful shy boy). At first I thought it was a GSD club till the others showed up!! :D All the GSDs were from the same litter the mom was there it was very cute ;) Scottie was a little confused and at first just wanted to greet all the people(such a ham). But quickly realized he was free to run amongst all these dogs :crazy: . There were a few that were a little agressive and the trainers made sure they nipped it in the bud. One "Nick" (staffy) kept after Scottie and soon discovered his soft fur so started nipping/play biting. No growling or anything but I have to say I didn't like this especially when I saw Scottie's fur flying. I know they are just playing but I did step in and firmly said "No bite". But Nick kept it up, the owner said to me "this is what dogs do" . My response was "Well I know, and it's fine but when fur flies they're done"
Am I being a snob or something? I wasn't rude or anything and Scottie did turn at one point and bark for 15sec. as if to say to him "stop it" and he did for about 2min than was right back at him. It was actually a great group except for that. Should I worry about this, like when should we step in?
Thanks for any comments in advance.
And Happy Halloween!! :love:

October 31st, 2004, 06:01 PM
rough play is great for dogs, natural and helps them learn to communicate BUT i agree, when fur flies that is the end of that game, i have never seen fur fly around here and my GSD and others play rough all the time, i would watch little nick if i were you.

but it sounds like it will be great for both of you, scottie will be nice and socialised with all shapes and sizes of dog and so will you, it will be great fun. and as a GSD owner i think it is important for big dogs to learn to play with littlies, they cna still have rough play, but it needs to be a little gentler,

it is so cute when my big GSD will roll over and pretend to submit to a pup, and the way she plays with them, i cna see in the play that she is trying to teach them things.

mums pup a shizu X plays rough with her, they play an attack game, i really believe she is teaching him how to fight and defend himself. she will lie on the floor while he pretends to go for her, she will swat at him whilst lying down, put her mouth around his neck, slobber on him, then smile and go through it all again :D , and then he and she play bites, he has learned to do it back and is now swatting diring play, it is good for him to learn such things and oh so cute, (she never had a litter so i think she is being a type of mum or big sister, i always knew she would have been a good mum). but i assure you it is totally non agressive and play, they do it for literally 4-5 hours and they just have so much fun, doiong it over and over again, ah the noise is funny. my only worry is she is tezaching him not to back down from a fight, he is turning into a tough nut :D

so have fun, but watch the rough stuff, you have a little baby so it can get hurt easier, and no that is not rude, you are just wsatching your dog, which is why you are there. and if a dog is harrasing, not intentionally being mean but just wont leave your babe alone, the owner needs to calm that dog down and give yours some space. i find when dogs dont leave charlie alone when she asks several times they get a bit of a rough up for sure, dogs need space and annoying dogs are just like annoying ppl, a pain in the back side.

(staffies i know seem to be a main culprit of being over excited and wanting to play all the time, they just wont leave her alone, and because they are face height for her, they get in her face, she is very tolerant but can only take so much licking in the eyes :D )

sue fox
October 31st, 2004, 06:15 PM
Thanks Melanie. I feel better already! They really did have a great time :) and Scottie is absolutely pooped poor guy :love: :angel: And it was cool watching all the GSDs running all over each other, they recognized each other! The mom wasn't aloud in the ring with puppies but she nosed into our hands when we were close enough. I felt sorry for the Husky very shy and 1 GSD, kind of huddled in the corner a little too busy in there at first!! This socializing is fun. I take Scottie on a walk/play date every Tues. with a Shizu. He loves it and so far is very dog friendly with all the old "farts" in the neighborhood :D :D