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Found Cat

October 31st, 2004, 03:01 PM
Hi everyone,

It's Halloween and the ghouls of the world are out. This evening, when my first trick or treaters arrived, they were followed by an orange cat who it was clear later was not theirs. Well, the cat followed me in the house and when I checked him (and it is a him), he had string tied around his neck and his tail. The strings were loose so came off easily (Whew!).

He seems fine though was not happy to be picked up. He does follow me around but does not want to stay too close. I suepct he may be someone's pet but he is definitely NOT from my neighbourhood. He was starving even though he looks -at least at first glance - to be healthy. He cannnot eat enough!!

I am including pictures. He may be lost or he was abducted by someone and taken from his home.

I am naming him Garfield for the moment.

He is too hungry to be close to home but he does not look bedragled enough to have been out in the cold rain too long. He also makes no effort to go out when other trick or treaters come to the door. In fact, he runs when he hears the voices! He does not mind being brushed however so long as it's on his terms. I have already been given a few scratches by this guy but I think he is scared. I'd be too if I were him!

Lucky Rescue
October 31st, 2004, 05:57 PM
Poor guy! Animals just aren't safe around people it seems. :mad:

I know you want a Siamese - I always wanted a Himalayan but my house was always full of rejects and strays - but everything happens for a reason.

I'm not surprised he doesn't want to go out. Who knows what this baby has been through?

Orange cats are the best, and Garfield is a fine name. ;)

October 31st, 2004, 07:06 PM
Thanks for taking this little pumpkin in. :thumbs up What a frightening night to be out on his own and lost! He does look cared for. Hopefully, his owners will look and advertise for him. But, this may be fate knocking! He's obviously a very smart cat to find and recognize a safe haven!

October 31st, 2004, 08:56 PM
He is a cutie isn't he? No replies about him yet but it's early. I hate to think what he might have been through!! He does not like to be picked up and even hissed once when I did. (He is scared obviously). Whatever person allowed a cat out on Halloween (if that indeed happened) needs their head examined!! I think he managed to escape whatever some teenagers (and I make this assumption because the older the trick or treater was tonight - especially male voices, the faster he ran from the door).

That said, we are bonding! He has no inclination AT ALL to go out and I would not allow him out anyway. LR, you may be right, lol It was fortuitous. I had all the stuff ready for a Siamese and it was all here for him - litter box, toys, food, scratching post, cat bed though he did jump on my bed - he follows me everywhere but that may be because I fed him tuna, lol - He even gets bottled water (There are chemicals in unfiltered water that can sometimes harm senstive kitties and I am not sure of his health status). He is going to the vet tomorrow.

He meows at me and I know he does not want to go out and I hope he is not in pain. You know how cats try to hide pain! But he hates to be felt on his belly and this may be a sign of something. Just because he looks OK, I am certain he was emotionally traumatized and I hope he scratched the heck of the kids who tied strings around his tail and head.

He is not a lap cat (some cats never are as you all know) but is affectionate in his own way. Already, he will rub against me and give me headbutts. But it is all on his terms. I think if he is someone's pet that he has not been given a lot of attention - he was not sure what to do with a toy mouse for example but he is getting the hang of it now. He finally fell asleep awhile ago and I think he was so on the alert that he was afraid to.

Also, he is at least 2-5 years old and the fact he is not neutered says his humans were not very responsible. He was wet and dirty when he wandered in as well - his claws look like they have never seen a clipper - and he was soaking wet. He looks better after being here for just a few hours!!

He is asleep at my feet (on a carpet in the den) as I type this and I could get used to him being around. :) I don't know whether to wish he is found or not, lol (Is it destiny?)

Keep him in your thoughts!!

Lucky Rescue
October 31st, 2004, 09:16 PM
Also, he is at least 2-5 years old and the fact he is not neutered says his humans were not very responsible

Yep. What else is new? :mad:

Give him time. My male cat was a totally feral adult when I trapped him. Now he is a cuddle-bug lap cat. I find males are easier that way.

And I've never seen an orange guy who is not a love sponge.

He'll come around!!:)

November 5th, 2004, 04:21 PM
Cyberkitty,what a feel-good story :thumbs up Halloween was Garfields lucky day....I hope you keep him,he's a beautiful kitty!!
Soon enough he'll become the lap-cat you always wanted :love:

November 6th, 2004, 06:40 AM
awwww how nice that he found YOUR house :love: I hope you keep him too, sounds like he wants to stay maybe he is a little leary wondering where the cat is that belongs to all the toys and accessories you have :eek: Hope all goes well at the vet ;)