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jealous dog?????

October 31st, 2004, 01:27 AM
Maybe someone can give us some advice.
We have a female, spayed, approx 4 years old pound puppy.
Mocha has been with us since she was 6 months old.(pom/terrier/chihuhua)

We recently adopted another pound pup that is 10 months old ,male, not fixed as of yet. (deed is getting done on Tuesday)Duke.(pom/?????
They are both under 12 pounds.

Mocha is not happy about the new family member.AT ALL!!
She will not let him near her, not even to sniff, without showing her pearly whites and a growl.

Duke is so adapted that it is a bit funny watching him trying so hard to be her friend.

We keep an eye on them so he is not always trying to get some loving.We also try and give equal attention.
We don't know how to make the transition easier for her. She came with us and met him before we took him home and seemed fine then. Until we ALL came home.


October 31st, 2004, 01:35 AM
Missie is so jealous of Sophie. Last night I went to go to bed and the little :evil: peed under the blankets where Sophie sleeps. So Sophie stayed with me on the couch . When Missie got up this morning, she looked me right in the eye and peed on the floor. :eek:
We let Missie eat first, go and come outside first. Just generally let her know that she is still top dog. Both of them are small. A terrible poo (terripoo)and a Shih Tzu. So I know what you are going through. Just give it time. We are working with Missie on her "I wanna be the only furbaby here" syndrom.