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Warning! Pet owners,West Island/MTL

Lucky Rescue
October 30th, 2004, 10:33 AM
Got this email and am just waiting for permission to use the person's name and then I will add it. I was alarmed at the number of cat owners in the West Island contacting us about missing cats.:(
"Every borough of the West-Island is serviced by the SPCA, a HUMANE society.
> We, in Pierrefonds, had the SPCA forever until last August when our
>concillor, Monique Worth, changed the contract for a company named
>'Patrouille Canine G.L.'. This company has a reputation of reselling
>healthy cats to research laboratories and the injured ones are simply put
>into gaz chambers. The same with dogs. The CBC Current Affairs Section,
>Newswatch aired a few years ago this company going into a hospital with
>carriers loaded with cats and walking out a few minutes later with empty
>carriers. They have them on film selling dogs and cats to a dog pound
>owner named J.P. Vincent who was bying more pets. Why would a dog pound
>owner want more animals?
>A record + + + number of cats have disappeared from the area since this
>company has started working here. I have mentioned this to Pierrefonds
>Council but they just shrug it off and confirm that they are not changing
>the contract. They tell me they have spoken with them and are reassured of
>their integrity...
>We can kick these people out of the West Island. I will be at Pierrefonds
>City Hall Monday night at 8 pm to address the situation. The Gazette,
>Chronicle, Suburban and CitÚs Nouvelles (possibly La Presse) will be there
>for this occasion. I am asking you to help and support me; otherwise,
>nothing will change for our pets that are our best friends.
>Pierrefonds City Hall is located on Pierrefonds boulevard slightly east of
>St-Jean boul., almost in front of a big high school, next to the fire
>I appreciate your support. Thank you. Susan. Tel:

November 3rd, 2004, 11:14 AM
Did anyone actually make it to City Hall on Monday night? What was the outcome? Have not read anything in the paper about it. If this is true, how can it be allowed to continue? They want dog owners to pay for a license...for what???? To support this band or petknappers?

I would have loved to have gone but had a prior commitment that I could not get out of however, would love to know if the topic will ever come up again.

Lucky Rescue
November 3rd, 2004, 11:38 AM
You can email Susan directly to find out the results.

And yes - dog licences for what? Just another tax grab, since I see no evidence that any of the monies go to benefit any animals in any way whatsoever.