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Peeing when she is mad at me??????

October 29th, 2004, 04:48 PM
My dog Allie is housetrained but has developed an odd habit. It seems like when I go out and it is off my normal schedule she pee's in the house. For example if I go out late at night for once and she is used to having me at home. Even if I am only gone for a couple of hours and she went before I left. EVERYTIME I come home she has left her mark. Usually it is on my new area rug but sometimes she will leave it right at the door so I see it when I walk in. Another example is if I am home by 10pm from work she will not pee until about 11 (which is her normal schedule) but if I do not come home until 11 she will have gone on the floor. Is she doing this due to separation anxiety? I do not believe she has lack of bladder control. She also pes right on the spot if I get stern with her when she jumps up on me. Having no training when I got her we are still working to get her there. She has come so far already but I am still struggling with this.

Lucky Rescue
October 29th, 2004, 06:58 PM
When you say you come home at 10 or 11 - how long has the dog been alone in the house at this point?

Is your dog shy or submissive? If so, your unscheduled absences may be stressing her and causing anxiety, so she pees to spread her scent around and comfort herself.

If she is submissive etc, and you scold her when you come home that will make this problem worse. If this happens often, your dog will have "dread anticipation" and the vicious cycle will continue.

I suggest crating her or confining her with a baby gate in a small room (laundry etc) when you go out at night. This way, there is no anxiety and scolding when you come home. Then you can take her out right away and instead of scolding, you can praise her for being successful.

Of course, if she is NOT shy, etc. then just ignore what I said, except for the confining part. :p