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What are some people thinking? Big Vent here.

October 29th, 2004, 03:22 PM
I read In the Sudbury Star yesterday about a lab biting a 2 year old child. Oh horrors...The dog owner was walking her dog in a park, on a leash and the mother of the 2 year old let her kid go up to the dog. Dumb parents. What was she thinking? I am thinking child neglect here. She never got the owners name, but she says she is not mad at the dog. She apparently has to have her child treated in Toronto, for a torn eye duct. Lady should have kept her kid on a leash. Don't get me wrong, it is not that I don't like kids but I never let anyone touch my dogs. Expecially if the person is unknown to me or the girls. With all this crap about the ban on pit bull, I can see in the future a ban on any dog with a recorded bite. I have never had a dog that bit anyone,but again I am really careful. I know my dogs are friendly, but an oz of prevention will prevent a big lawsuit.
But the way, I was robbed by 2 kids that I had charged with robbery and assault, and my husband was robbed a few years ago by a kid with a 357 mag. Had the gun to his forehead. Maybe our government should leave the pit bulls alone and concentrate more on the vicious 2 legged animals. Just venting.

October 29th, 2004, 03:34 PM
Good vent but didn't you know children and parents are never to blame but the dogs always are. I am with you if kids start coming up without their parents I just say no the dog bites which is not true. But I am not going to lose my dog because of irresponsible parents and there are lots of them out there. I have seen kids literally run across the park and right up to a dog and where are the parents sitting on the bench drinking starbucks chatting with their friends.

October 29th, 2004, 03:42 PM
Same with me. If every child knew not to approach strange dogs on leashes or chained then I am sure we would have a reduction in some of the bites. I am surprised that some parents even knowing the breed I have let there toddlers run screaming doggy doggy... My dog won't do anything but he may jump on them which I warn people when they ask to pet mine. He won't bite but he will jump. But whats worse is my dog and any dog can get defensive and feel threatened when a little one starts charging at them in a high pitched voice.
I do allow children to pet him but I get down on the floor with him and pet him and incourage him that hes being good as they pet him.
I had some young kids who came to my door for the Toronto Star and they all sat down in the hallway with capone as he had a field day licking them. But they were smart enough to ask if they could see my dog and if he was friendly.

sue fox
October 29th, 2004, 03:52 PM
I Hear You!! We've been very responsible with our dogs and I always stop a child from coming up to us when walking. First I tell the kid to STOP than tell them to NEVER come up to any dog always ask first!! If it's an older child I ask them to hold out their hand in a fist and demonstrate for them so our dog can smell(he\she is in sit) and then with Scottie let them pet the side of him. If it's a young child I don't even stop!! I'll cross the streeet!! That's it than we say good bye and thanks for asking first. I also tell the kids to make sure they always ask first!! for any dog they see. The kids in our neighborhood know us by now and are pretty good. But it seems worse when parents are around, go figure :eek: :eek:

October 29th, 2004, 04:29 PM
in sydney the other day a 4yo girl was mauled by a GSD, and it really did lots of damage. the girl approached the normally rinedly dog but it was being teased by a group of boys and freaked out and bit her as she was closest, they are screaming for the dog to die, it is in the pound now.

as a GSD owner in a 2hr drive from that area my alarm bells are ringing real loud, im pretty worried, all they need is to use that little girls face to get a campaign going, and i feel for the little darlin i was attacked as a kid and it is traumatising not to mention painful, horrible and avoidable fif ppl are responsible, and if i were not as well informed could be swept up in such a fear campaing.

its such a worry, im just waiting for the ramifications, and that story was seen everywhere, just great for the cred of my GSD, youve seen the reaction of the public to the BSL nad PB, you cna just imagine what will happen, BSL came in here years ago and PB are banned, GSDwas the target in the 80's and it looks like we may be in for anouther round. well its time for me to be very vigelent now, look for poision etc. i have even been told in the past to call her alsatian, ppl will feel mroe comfortable with that. but no way will i do htatto her, i know she likes being herself :D

but guess what, this happened on the street, the 4 yo girl was playing in the street, her mother in the house not watching her, no one was watching her, so it makes you wonder why the mother isnt in trouble for neglecting her duty of care, a 4yo old on the streets is not acceptable to me, this may have never happened if her mother tried to actually care for her properly (by watching her the mother said the child had been playing up the road without her for hours), but no lets blame to poor dog stuck in the middle..makes me want to scream :eek:

October 29th, 2004, 04:32 PM
Maybe I am :crazy: but what does GSD mean? I am old so please be kind. LOL :p

Lucky Rescue
October 29th, 2004, 07:02 PM
So was this Lab story in huge headlines, as it would have been if the dog had been a pit bull?

Maybe our government should leave the pit bulls alone and concentrate more on the vicious 2 legged animals.

Agree 100%.

Oh, and "GSD" is German Shepherd Dog.

October 29th, 2004, 10:17 PM
Well I trying this again. I don't know where the other up date went. Cyber tread I guess.
The witness said it was more like a kid attack.
There were 2 kids that ran screaming and excited up to 2 ladies with their dogs, on leashes, trying to get into their car. The one woman told the kids and the mother that they could pet her dog. But they went after the lab, who was in a sit command and leaning on the owners legs. The owner put her hand over her dogs muzzle. The dog growled as the kids swarmed the dog. The dog jerked it's head and made a quick little snap. Didn't even break the sit command. Now, I don't know about you, but if anyone poked me or pulled my hair, I would bite. When they examined the monster child, they noticed a small paper cut like scratch under the left eye lid. Not a puncture. This probably happened when the careless mother pulled her kid away. One of the women there is a member of the Sudbury District Kennel Club and runs the No bite Program which teaches kids how to act around dogs. Maybe this so called mother should attend. Yes Lucky, it made the front page, air time and tv. Big vicious bite leaves scratch..The dog who has had it's shots is in 10 day quarrentine. When will these stupid people ever learn. Don't approach a stange dog. Should be right up there with don't go or talk with stangers. :confused:

October 30th, 2004, 11:54 AM
i'm going to be unpopular here and say that it's not always the kid's fault. i was once in a store on boxing day with my 15 mo old in a stroller and some jackass had his dog in the store... no leash... store is packed and frantic. i had no way to get to the front of the stroller as there were shelves on either side and we were in a lineup to the cash. guy's (thankfully) friendly dog starts licking my infant's face. i can't supervise as all i can do from the push position is watch. i can't back up or push forward -- i'm effectively trapped -- realizing in my head that kids and dogs can both be unpredictable. dog starts licking the INSIDE of my kid's mouth. i still cannot intervene. i say to the guy at this point, "can you please restrain your dog?" because i'm thinking that if my daughter starts to cry and the dog gets startled, her face could get bit. i don't know this guy or dog from adam and he doesn't know us... doesn't know if baby has allergies, is nervous etc. and i don't know when his dog last licked another dog's goodies.

well, the guy turns to me and snaps, "my DOG'S mouth is cleaner than YOUR CHILD'S!"

:eek: :mad:

now, that said... since my daughter was old enough to walk, i taught her proper dog approach skills. 1) always ask owner 2) NEVER run around/up to a dog you don't know no matter how small. 3) hand closed and lower than dog's nose, bringing up from below slowly with palm facing ground... allow dog to sniff.

i have had many a dog owner thank me and say that they wish that all parents taught their kids this. most bites/accidents can be avoided by appreciating the nature of dogs and kids and circumventing the territorial establishment that can occur between the two.

i hope that that dog is okay... and the kid too... not the kid's fault their parents are dumb. :)

October 30th, 2004, 12:15 PM
Jane and others,

I do not think it would be unpopuar to say it is incumbent on both the dog "owner" and the parent of the child in situations involving small children and dogs. It does seem that the media plays the stories of larger breed dogs injuring children like a dog with a bone if you pardon the pun.

I know when I have walked my brother's lab, I am always ultra careful when he is approached by anyone, especially children. He is a friendly guy but also very large. He is also extremely well trained (obedience school et al) but if some child started pulling his fur, it is hard to know what he might do. But generally I try to avoid meeting small children when walking the dog!

And an incident that occured in my home reminds me it is not just large dogs. Though I know you are all probablt getting tired of hearing about my beloved bunny, a couple of Halloweens ago, said bunny was laying in his basket (his lazyboy we call it, lol) not too far from the front door where trick or treaters came in. One little girl saw hime and completely forgot it was Halloween. She dropped her bag and went over and proceeded to try to pick up the bunny! I grabbed him before she could and let her pet him but I worried about her possibly hurting him (bunnies being fragile little beings) or him biting or scratching. Fortunately, he was always very good with children - more than one child who came to my home went home wanting a bunny (and one now has one going on 5 years old!) but you never know.

The point is you have to carefully supervise children and animals!!