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Just Need to Vent-Pupper days

October 26th, 2004, 08:27 PM
OK baby hannah and I had a kinda tough this is just a little rant....I realize shes a puppy and has alot to learn,as do I...

She was great till tonight but WHY OH WHY DO puppies need to TASTE everything in their paths? She eats,grass,and leaves,and moles,and sticks and tonight ate her own..well yu know...

I took her out for a poop after she ate,and she had to go and try and taste everything..I have started to use a gentle leader on her,for her own safety,as she pulls to get at her "treats" and I dont want her neck to get hurt

So we go out..and we walk around all the time iam saying "hannah duties"..she sniffs around and just when I think shes gonna go...she starts to eat something,,so there I got taking it out of her mouth..for the 1000 time today.

She eats alot of grass,dried,fresh,long,short whatever..she IS getting enough to eat,and on a good food,so I think she just likes the did my boy

So we come inside and I crate her for a while so I can take some breaths...and then we start over..and again she eats somethng only this time ITS HER OWN POOP! :eek:

Must have been one I forgot to pick up..UGH Iam one tired pup mommy..but *sigh* tomorrow is another day

Dwight Byrd
October 26th, 2004, 08:34 PM
I spoke with a dog trainer about puppies eating their poor, and learned that it can actually be quite common. It is apparently something that puppies do grow out of, but yes it is gross. You don't want to kiss them on the nose afterwards to soon!!! There is also supposed to be somethng that you can get to give to your puppy (orally - I am not sure what it is) that is supposed to help with this problem. Perhaps a vet might have some advice.

I have to keep my cat's litter away from Buddy, or sure enough, he will snack on my kittie's poop! Yechhhhhh! :mad:

October 26th, 2004, 08:39 PM
The vet can give me a type of enzyme that I put in her food,and when she poops,its suppose to give off a really bad taste and discourage her from eating it..meat tenderizer does the same...but ya Iam sure she will grow out of it..besides its the ONE THING she didnt taste(till tonight) in her daily yard foraging

October 27th, 2004, 07:25 AM
Puppies are very much like little kids. They have to investigate everything. When Ariel was under 4 months old, she would dive at everything on her path. Sticks, grass, leaves, garbage, etc. nothing was left untouched. However, she has moved past that habit. She bypasses evertyhing now on her walks.

October 27th, 2004, 07:58 AM
Our puppy Cano STILL goes after things during walks, especially paper or plastic bottles, and he is 8, almost 9 months. He also manages to find garbage while he is playing in the front yard, and the garbage, isn't even ours. I think it is crap that the neighbor kids throw in our yard. They seem to like messing up the neighborhood. Once they tore apart everybody's local newspapers,the day they were delivered, and threw them all over everybody's front lawns and the street. :mad: :mad: They love playing in our yard, teasing our dog. It makes me so mad.

Don't worry, Cano ate his own poop too, it took him only a few times to realize that it doesn't taste all that great. Now he hates the smell of it! And as far as her tasting everything else, I went through it too. Cano's favorite thing to try to eat were Cicada's. They are huge bugs that come out every 17 years here, and they are poisonous to animals! So it was just a blast trying to keep him from eating the dead ones on the sidewalks. There was so many, that when they would make noise, you could literally get a headache from the loudness! It was really gross.