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Invitation to Puppy and Kitten owners in the Kitchener or Mississauga Area...

October 26th, 2004, 05:11 PM
Hi there,
I work for a marketing research company and we are looking to conduct research among puppy and kitten owners in Mississauga and Kitchener. It is a three part study: Part 1 involves keeping a diary over three-five days regarding your pets behaviour in various routine household situations; Part 2 involves you attending a local evening-held focus group, along with 8-9 other similar owners, during which I will be asking pertinent questions about pet behaviour and the emotional words you use to describe this behaviour; and Part 3 involves you attending a second local evening-held focus group in which we will then explore your feedback to advertising concepts.

In order to qualify, you must be 21-50 years of age; your new pet (kitten or puppy) must be no more than one year of age; you must agree to involvement in all three parts of the research; and you must identify for me which pet foods you feed to your pet. I am looking for an equal mix of female and male attendance.

Participants will be paid an incentive of $200 (CDN) in total the first $100 during the Part 2 focus group and the second $ 100 during the second Part 3 focus group.

email me at if you are interested or have any questions!