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Missing male kitten DESPERATELY WANTED BACK!!

October 26th, 2004, 02:11 PM
My four month old baby kitten went missing from le jardin du canal ( next to the *A T W A T E R* market", *A T W A T E R* avenue and rue rufus rockhead) last saturday 23rd october.He is all black except for two white spots one on his chest (very small) and one on his lower belly(size of a quarter).He was wearing a plain balck collar with a bell on it.The collar had been way to long so my boyfriend cut it shorter and burnt the ends so it wouldnt fray so the end of his collar is a little melted.He is super affectionate , indisciminately so.He is soooo badly missed we love him so much and have been devasted since he has been gone.Unfortunatly , and I know this sounds crazy but the called me last night and said tons of cats have been going missing in my area and are being stolen.The case worker at the sapca lives in my area and her cat stoleb last week , but luckily a tip led her to the theifs and she recovered her cat.I would be grateful for ANY information.If any one ran over a cat hit one anything i need to know because i am going crazy worrying about him.Please help in any way call me any time day or night if you have ANY information. my number is 514 906 7282, my boyfriends work nuber is 514 448 8881.Thank you in advance for your help. my personal email is but the posted one works as well:)