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Goldenblaze-Food for Blaze

October 24th, 2004, 02:41 PM
Hi,What food do you give your boys? Hannah was on what the breeder was using,Pro Plan..but she wasnt eating very much for the day and I was getting concerned..I switched her to Nutro large breed puppy,and she seems to have increased her intake,which means she increased her outtake LOL...

Anyway,she was just eating MAYBE 1/4 cup on the old food and now eats 3/4 cup on this new food at each feeding..Do you remember how much Blaze ate at 10 weeks?

Jill & Hannah

October 24th, 2004, 04:35 PM
hi Jill,

Blaze has been feed Nutro large breed puppy since the day he came home at 8 weeks. I did alot of research before I knew what I was going to feed the new pup. My main concern for my dogs are no by-products, my dogs deserve better then brain, spleen, lungs, blood, bone, hair, beaks, feathers and other "hmmm" ingredients.

I made the choice to free feed Blaze as I have any dog I've ever owned, Blaze does not eat alot a large bag 16 kgs takes about 5-6 weeks to finish. In my opinion free feed is best for me and my dogs, don't want a dog that eats like their last meal was just given. Blaze eats a few kibbles and walks away as he knows there is always food for him. We do give fruit, melons, rice, chicken, grapes ( my Vet said red are fine if you give a few not 2 pounds at once ) Blaze loves cottage cheese too. Hope this info helps but like always you should ask your vet what they think but stay off the Pro Plan ;) Our Vet likes Nutro very much and Blaze will go the Nutro large bred adult at 11-12 months. At 11 weeks Blaze was only 13lbs, 16weeks Blaze was 25lbs and now at 8 1/2 months Blaze is 56lbs one thing to remember Blaze had a hard start coming to us with mange, but he is now growing to be a perfect boy that we love to death. :thumbs up

Great book that I was bought is Golden Retriever's for Dummies by Nona Kilgore Bauer. So much info in this book and it will come in handy for many yrs. Have a look at her book, you will be glad you did I paid only $23.99 at Smiths Books.

Lorie & Boys

October 24th, 2004, 06:02 PM
I did pick up the book Goldens for Dummies and like it alot..I also bought a book called YEllow sweet and sad..

Hannah seems to enjoy the nutro and I was thinking about free feeding her as she does tend to wolf her food..but she is big enough now to start using the raised feeder,and that seems to help slow her down.

I noticed that hannahs legs are getting so long...and her paws are huge,I dont expect her to be huge,but I could get a surprise..Her mom was on the small size 65lbs but her dad was a big guy with a gorgeous coat!

Has Blaze gone to obedience school? its required of me by the breeder to enroll her in at least one obedience course and I am researching what looks to be a good obedience school..they use non violent methods,,as in NO jerking on the leash/collar

I got a good book about dog training called "The Dog Whisperer" and the author believes in non violent training....Shes doing well with come,sit and down....Thanks much for all your help Lori :D


October 24th, 2004, 07:38 PM
Hi Jill,

Glad to help when I can, hey I might just have some questions for you sometime. ;) I remember thinking that Blaze was growing tall fast and to me I was worried only because of our Lab having HD. I talked to our Vet in great detail about my worries and she made me feel better, as long as the pup is on the right food, large bred or whatever size puppy that is a good start. Goldens range as for the guy across from me Parker he is short, wide big boy of 99 lbs. Oakley down the road is tall, silky, good weight more slim and I do prefer Oakley in my opinion. Both of Blaze's parents were on the small size sweet mom 63lbs med blonde, dear old dad was only 65lbs dark red. Blaze was light in colour with very dark ears, now Blaze is very dark like cooper gold with lighter feathering and still darker ears.

Now for obedience school :) No I have never went to obedience school. I am the type that I want to teach my dog and don't feel the need to have others train their way as I believe mine is just right. ;)
Blaze was house trained in 1 week from coming home, Blaze learned sit, stay, down and left and right paw in the first 3 weeks of coming home. Blaze was eager to learn and watched his brother Jordie as much as he could. When Blaze was 4 1/2 months even though many don't agree with the petsafe fence we do and Blaze started training on it. 2 weeks he and Jordie were trained, we believe they were ready before 2 weeks but went from the book and video and did not skip any training we did the full 2 weeks. Blaze and Jordie both are great on the fence and the last time they were shocked I can not tell you, it has been that long. Parker, Oakley and other's walk by and my two boys watch from a distance and are perfectly fine with that.
Many people do use a obedience school I just never have but if you choice to have fun and enjoy all the other puppies. A friend of mine took her family's Lab puppy, it failed :( everyone in the home had to take part and train the dog the same. It did not happen like that and it was the pup who failed because of it. Anyway I'm sure Hannah will do well. :)

October 24th, 2004, 09:50 PM
Hi Lori

I plan to do as much training with Hannah myself as well,but Iam gonna do the first obedience with a trainer....I prefer my own methods and commands..for example,I use "wait" instead of stay,"off" instead of down...if shes on the couch or something or jumping up.."down" is used when I want her to lie down

I trained Cujo with hand commands as well as verbal and am starting the same thing with Hannah..Hubby and I play a game with her,where we call her..he from one end of the house,me from the other..and treat..we do this twice a day inside,and outside I have a 50 foot leash that I use to train her as well

When she gets too excited,like wanting to chase the cat,,I sit her down,hold her gently by the chest and whisper "settle" into her ear and praise her...They are SO smart and want to learn so much,and I think its never too early to start training....

I make it as fun as possible for her..some people dont realize that even when you and pup are playing is a great time to train....its not as hard to train a dog as alot of people think..but it does take time and practice AND patience.

and you have to agree,a well trained dog,is alot nicer to be around!

October 24th, 2004, 10:13 PM
I do agree a well trained dog is alot nicer to be around that is why it starts right away when the pup come home. With us off means off like if Blaze is on Jordie and won't let him up ;)

Dogs are only as smart as their parents, I say, your child would never learn anything if you don't take the time to teach and it is the same with pups and older dogs aswell.

Good luck with Hannah, you and your family seem to be doing every right and having fun too! :) That is nice.