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Landlords Can't Evict Because You Have A Pit Bull!

October 22nd, 2004, 04:45 PM
I have trouble reading the paper anymore, especially when I read about all the American Pit Bull Terriers being euthanizied. In Windsor, where i live many people are dropping off their pits at the Humane Society to be euthanized, because their landlords are threatening to evict them or because they are panicking, because of our new pit bull ban( which we intend to fight through Advocates for the Underdog).Over my dead body, will someone be taking away my precious pit bulls, who are my 'children'.I pray that people will stop dumping off their pit bulls at the pound!Stand up for what you believe in.

October 22nd, 2004, 04:52 PM
People in Toronto are dropping their dogs off at night it is awful. People you need to stand up for your dogs you know they would do it for you. Do not be pushed around by people who have no legal leg to stand on. They threaten eviction tell them you will be seeing them in court and you will love living rent free when all is said and done. Most times the mention of a lawyer will send these people running but if they think they can get away with it they will. Mention that not only will you fight an eviction in court but you will then counter sue for undue suffering and I cant remember the what other thing is.

October 22nd, 2004, 04:53 PM
I cannot believe this!!!! That is so disgusting! These people obviously do not have a brain in their head nor do they love their animal enough! I think I am going to be sick............ :sick:

October 22nd, 2004, 05:20 PM
a rental lease is a legally binding contract for both the tennant and the land lord. if the lease that is signed at the begining of the tenancy states that a a dog is allowed to resdie on the premisise, and they have not stipulated a breed of dog or breeds that are not allowed to live there, then its all rubbish. it is a legal contract, and the landlord has not got a leg to stand on, he or she could take you to court and try and do it, but even then it is a contract that cannot be broken without the party that breaks it paying, ie if you leave a rental premisise before the lease is up you forfit your bond etc.

if ppl are dumping their so called loved ones to die because they heard a rumor, they never loved that animal in the first place. they are legally allowed to still keep their animals, or under restricitions, if someone kills their so called best friend and loved one without a fight, they never deserved that animals love in the first place or love at all. i have been evicted from houses because of my dog for various reasons, i never left without trying to fight, and i would never have killed her just so i could save myself the hassle of moving, i just go somewhere else. i have lived in areas wehre it is extremely hard to rent anythign with an animal, yet i maaged, it was hard at times but that is all part of real love. :D :D

October 22nd, 2004, 06:34 PM
Sorry, in the U.S. apartments are considered private property and a land lord can evict you for any number of things. As a rottweiler owner, it was very difficult to find a place to rent. That is why we bought the mobile home we live in. After 4 years, we find that we are not allowed to have rottweilers here either. Talk about a pain in the a@@! You should try hiding a 120 pound dog!

October 23rd, 2004, 05:42 PM
dont you have leases?? gosh that is terrible, it seems over there you get a raw deal wherever you go. that truly your govt needs a big kick up the bum, sorry but i think they do, and they should start treating their ppl better. (i gather this info from what i hear about your medical system, and this sort of thing)

over here in oz we have legally binding contracts when you enter into an agreement to rent a property. it can only be broken by going to the tenancy courts, if a land lord kicked you out over here for such a thing, say they bring in BSL for GSD and tries to evict me although my lease says i can have a dog on premisis, well he does not have a legal leg to stand on, and if a landlord kicked me out i can go and drag him over the coals in the tenancy court and get my money back, the tenancy courts are free here, but it does cost each party $15 for an applicaiton for the court. and you dont have to wait long to be seen, each town or district has one.

well that sucks, not only do they discriminate against the poor dogs, but now they discriminate against the owners for having a heart and being in love with a dog, oh it makes me furious, i would go and camp on a politicians lawn if i were you, with my dog, tell them bsl made you homeless, oh it must kill you. well good luck with it, they are jsut screwing with you all from whati can see :sad: :mad: