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The Dog Whisperer-Training manual

October 19th, 2004, 12:11 PM
I do believe this book "The Dog Whisperer-Paul Owens,will become my training bible for Hannah

The training methods are based on nonviolent approach to dog training,which is the way I want to go with my pup...Paul Owens seriously believes that any kind of training that calls for "jerk" training can lead to unwanted behaviour problems later one,,and I believe that as well.

I have from day one taken a gentle hand in Hannah's training..she maybe just 9 weeks old,but she is sitting,coming and down on command..shes not perfect at it yet..but the more we practice the better she will get...I like to do the hand signals and clicker training first before I graduate into using words with her....and shes doing well :thumbs up