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Nature Vs. Nurture ->PBT

October 19th, 2004, 11:53 AM
Hello All,

I'm a little bit worried to get involved with the PBT debate but I just can't get figure it out myself. Fact is that PBT were formerly and may unfortunately still be bred as "fighting" dogs. However, my question is how much can we attribute to the "genetics" of a breed, as we know each dog is an individual. So I little confused on the subject. Originally as a teen I thought that PBT were mean and aggressive and I was actually quite fearful of the notorious PBT. However, since then I've met a couple PBT who were just fantastic, lovable, playful characters. So I must say I really don't know. My cousin seems to be convinced that these dogs can "snap" from one minute to the next... But every dog I've encountered thus far is wonderful...

So are there any doggy behaviourist or breeders that could enlighten me and the rest of the crowd that maybe sitting on the fence!

***Also I think the PBT ban has gone this far because people are afraid of the "unkown", I'm sure if they met some nice PBT they might change their minds ***

Thanks guys,


October 19th, 2004, 12:02 PM
I think it is a little bit of both nature and nurture.

The original fighting dogs were bred to be people friendly and dog aggressive. It is my understanding that the fighting back then was not as it is today either. The fighting was to test the dogs willingness to fight without backing down. Not to see which dog could kill the other dog first.

In days past, dogs recieved vet care and were family dogs outside of the ring. A dog that was people aggressive was NOT a good thing.

Now days, the dogs aren't just used for fighting, they are also used to protect peoples "stuff". Therefore, thugs want the most aggressive dog they can get.

October 19th, 2004, 12:06 PM
i say we ban thugs...:P
see? Nothing is being done in that direction...and as soon as you arrest one for doing the wrong thing, they cry out RACISM or DISCRIMINATION

Gawd damn...look at what our dogs are dealing with here!

Lucky Rescue
October 19th, 2004, 01:36 PM
Originally as a teen I thought that PBT were mean and aggressive and I was actually quite fearful of the notorious PBT.

I thought the same thing! I learned all knew from the media. All that changed when I met one of these grinning butt-wigglers.:)

The aggression is probably mostly genetic, just as the urge to herd and nip is genetic in an Australian Shepherd, BUT this does not mean all pit bulls want to kill other dogs. A kill-crazy dog is rare, just a completely unaggressive one is rare. Most are somewhere in the middle, ranging from merely intolerant to moderately aggressive.

Training and socialization can help. You can never train the dog aggression out of a pit bull, but it can be trained to behave in the presence of other dogs. All the owners I know take their dogs to obedience school (as I did) and they were just fine. This does not mean I would ever trust my dog off leash with other dogs, but she can function just fine out in the public.

The dog aggression has no connection to human aggression, although a dog could be human aggressive AND dog aggressive. A loved, trained and socialized pit bull, who is part of the family should NEVER be aggressive in any way to people, even in the heat of a fight. Human aggression is abnormal for this breed, and this is the only breed where a person can break up a fight without worrying about being bitten.

October 19th, 2004, 05:33 PM
this is the only breed where a person can break up a fight without worrying about being bitten.

Wow! Very interesting! I've also met a PBT that was off leash (the first one I ever met) I didn't even know it was a PBT until the owner told me! :) Anyways, we were walking my friend's German Sheperd and the PBT was TOTALLY fine..super social with us and the dog..the dog was OBVIOUSLY well trained though!



October 19th, 2004, 06:04 PM
it is like the line of a song i heard yesterday, 'guns dont kill ppl robbers do'. dogs dont hurt or kill ppl , moron owners do.

as we have seen many times pb are often used as compnion animals for the frail and ill and rescue dogs, they are wonderful dedicated animals who do an amazing service for us in our society and should be respected for that, but like many aspects of human selfishnss and selfcenteredness we are happy to take their help and service but we will not give them credit for it, we take and dont give..

the reason i think bsl is becoming so popular is the media manipulating ppl and using scare tactics to get attention, hey they just want to make headlines they dont care about anything else and hey bad news always sells newspapers.