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PLEASE I need your help

October 18th, 2004, 06:58 PM
Hi guys,
I wrote this letter, and have addressed it to EVERY MPP. Before I send it, could you guys take a look, make corrections, tell me how/what needs to be changed etc... Thanks so much- Jess

Hello MPPs,
I am urging you all to take a look at this web site, in fact challenging you to do so.

Michael Bryant is proposing to extinct a breed of animal, due to it "being dangerous". Michael Bryant has, as far as we know, refused to speak with rescue organizations, the Dog Council of Canada and numerous other organizations regarding the proposed ban on Pitbulls. An example:
Public Statement

Dog Legislation Council of Canada
October 16, 2004

"The Dog Legislation Council of Canada was blind-sided yesterday as Ontario Attorney General Michael Bryant announced that he is proposing a private bill to ban American Pit Bull Terriers in the province. What surprised the DLCC most was that we have been trying for months to present credible, current information on effective dog bylaws and Bryant has refused to include us in this process. The DLCC is a nation-wide organization that works with legislators by sharing an exhaustive body of information on the subject of creating dog bylaws that address issues such as community safety. If the AG has created a credible report based on facts, not sensationalism that draws headlines, it is being concealed from the DLCC and the public at large. Our organization questions the motives behind Bryant's decision. It appears this decision was reached without input from the public, recognized canine organizations, veterinary organizations, canine experts, health authorities, Statistics Canada or even law enforcement. The public is also being kept in the dark about the onerous financial implications of this decision that fails to realistically address the issue of dangerous dogs. Promoting fear through legislation based on lineage is, in our opinion, un-Canadian, but it successfully makes headlines."

Currently Michael Bryant seems to be riding the wave of sensationalism, playing up to the fear of some people. He however, is completely ignoring the other side, and our opinions, facts, stats and ideas. This seems to be highly undemocratic, and very un-Canadian. The liberals, seem to be ramming through some very unpopular legislation, tax hikes etc... I think with the hope that we will forgive or at least forget by the time the next election comes around. They (you) are sadly mistaken. We will not forgive or forget the willful start to an EXTINCTION of an animal, and the euthanization of hundreds in shelters simply due to the fact that they were born to a breed.
Would the MPPs and media stand by and watch Michael Bryant extinct black bears in Ontario if a few of them cause fatalities?
MPPs should be looking at the legislation going on in Italy right now, after banning the more popular "dangerous breeds" they are now proposing to ban Corgi's and Collie's. Once one breed is banned, there will surely be more to follow.
There are many other options open to Michael Bryant and the rest of you, if you care to look.
I challenge all of you to take some time, and look at what some experts have to say about the effects of banning a breed. Also, look at some statistics involving breeds, fatalities, and major bites. Don't be railroaded into legislating the extinction of a breed of animals in Ontario, or the resulting hundreds of deaths of this breed in shelters who ae no longer able to adopt them out.
If you care to rise to the challenge here are some web sites to view, with a different slant on Breed Specific Legislation.
Thank you for your time, and hopefully your effort.

October 18th, 2004, 07:02 PM
Sheriffsmom,wonderfully written,no changes needed...let's just hope someone reads it :thumbs up

heeler's rock!
October 18th, 2004, 10:20 PM
Sheriffsmom, I went to the link you provided, and man did I ever sob like a baby!! :( I pray for the poor mistreated pits and hope to God that someone is able to stop this nightmare......good letter and I hope they take the time to go to the link and check it out........sad

October 18th, 2004, 10:40 PM
Never before have I seen such horrible images as I did when I watched that video. As the video said, it could only take a human to do something so inhumane to such a wonderful animal.

Bless you for taking up the fight with such elegant words.

Man played God when he created the breed to fight for our entertainment. Now man wants to play God again and erase this species from existance. What a pitiful species we belong to to think ourselves so above another living creature that we can take it's life just because it no longer suits us to have this loving creature do whatever it takes to keep up happy. I'm truely ashamed of my species. Who gave us the right to play God in the first place?

heeler's rock!
October 18th, 2004, 11:08 PM
I don't live in Ontario, and I don't own a pitbull or know anyone that does, but as an animal lover, I too want to join in the fight to save pits! Here is an e-mail I wrote to Mr. McGuinty, with hopes that he at least makes an effort to read it.

Dear Mr. McGuinty,

I am not a citizen of Ontario, but I am a citizen of a glorious country called Canada. My parents immigrated here in 1978, 3 years before I was born, so I could have a better quality of life and a chance to have an opinion count. In my 23 years of life, I have always relied on my government to do what is best for the city I live in, the province, and the country as a whole. They have never let me down, until now.

I live in Calgary, Alberta and I personally do not own a pit bull or know anyone that does. I have read the many articles on pit bull attacks and must admit, I used to think they were horrible and scary dogs. As I learned more about dogs and canine behaviour, it became clearer to me that all dogs are capable of causing bodily harm to other animals and people, even death. Animals are just like children. They learn from their parents, or in this case, owners. Monkey see, monkey do so to speak.

The idea of Breed Specific Legislation will not protect the citizens of Ontario from dog attacks. All BSL will do, is force the media to now focus on the many other dog attacks that take place everyday, but no one cares about the Pomeranian that mauled a baby to death, they only care about the "mean and vicious" pit bulls that generate ratings. Are you aware that many of the so called pit bulls in the papers are in fact not pit bulls at all? Since when is the media trained to clearly identify breeds? Vets aren't even trained to clearly identify breeds.

What will stop the irresponsible owners from owning other large breed dogs? If a child is involved in a gang, and shoots someone, who is to blame? The child, or the parent of that child? The government blames the parents for not being aware of their child's activities and such. Same should be true for a dog. If a dog bites or attacks someone, the owner is the one responsible for not being more diligent in training and socializing their pup. Are you aware that muzzling a dog that is not vicious, or never has been vicious, will do nothing but make the dog more insecure? The dog will see other dogs off leash, not muzzled, and feel that the owner must not want them playing with the other dogs because something is wrong with them. This will cause normally good dogs to become more introverted and more likely to attack. Is this Mr. Bryant's objective?

Mr. Bryant hasn't looked at all the facts presented to him and is grossly misinformed about pit bulls. He does not seem to care that thousands of pit bulls will suffer from euthanasia in shelters, dozens of responsible breeders will lose income, and millions of Ontarians will be forced to either move to other provinces, or live in misery because the animal they love is no longer looked at in the same light. All pit bulls will be banished and more will be abused and mistreated.

Please Mr. McGuinty, I urge you to help stop this breed ban. Please look at this site and view the flash presentation on pit bulls, if you truly want some facts on pit bulls and the conditions some are kept in.

If Mr. Bryant allows pit bull experts to express their concerns, and reviews ALL of the facts on BSL, and still comes to the conclusion that BSL is the ONE AND ONLY solution, then at least his opinion will be informed and educated. Right now, all Mr.Bryant is doing is ensuring that all dog owners that truly care for their dogs and all dogs of all breeds will not be voting for him or the Liberal party come election time. The Liberal party must keep Mr. Bryant in check and make him listen to the facts. Right now he looks misinformed and he discredits himself for not taking the time to hear all sides of an extremely important issue!

I hope you take the time to review this e-mail and the link provided. Please think of the innocent pit bulls being mass murdered because of a few irresponsible owners. Go down to the many humane shelters and visit the pits that have been dumped there like yesterday's trash. Get to know some responsible owners and their beloved family members, then decide if punishing a whole breed is worth the guilty conscience. It starts with pit bulls, where will it end?


Calgary, Alberta