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Obedience Classes??

October 17th, 2004, 08:22 PM
Just wondering how important obedience classes are for puppies?

I have a 5 month old lab puppy and have been slowly training her since I first got her at nine weeks. She knows basic commands like sit, down, stay and paw and is getting better and better with them all. I know that classes are good socialization times but she already spends alot of time with other dogs & puppies and has no trouble getting along with them all.

My parents are big into taking pups to school and I always have as well but I just kind of wonder if I'm wasting my time and theirs. I'm not new at owning dogs so I've been through all of it before ;) and I also have the time to train her on my own.

Anybody have an advice? I'd hate not to take her now if there are more good points that I'm just not seeing.

Thanks :)

October 17th, 2004, 08:44 PM
Well, this is just my opinion, but I think things change so much and so quickly, and each instructor's technique can be so different, that everyone learns something new at obedience class no matter how seasoned they are. When we took our first dog to obedience (13 years ago), choke collars were required equipment. Our new instructors have told us that choke collars are stricly forbidden in their class. Also, 13 years ago I had never heard of agility or the therapy dog program or the Canine Good Citizen test - all things I am striving for with my new pup. Besides, it's always loads of fun. Again, tho, this is just my opinion. :)

October 17th, 2004, 08:53 PM
Thanks for you advice.

I think I will look into it. Trying to see what I can find on the web. We're moving to Grimsby at the end of the month and I'm sure there are some there - - otherwise Burlington does and thats pretty close.

They are fun to take and a good evening out for the pup~!