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Really have some concerns Re Hannah

October 17th, 2004, 05:51 PM
As much as I love the pupdoodels,I feel I may be spending TOO much time with her..exercising,playing and Iam concerned that in the future this may lead to seperation anxiety.

So far she uses her crate quite a few times during the day,and all night..I make a point of crating her for a good part of the day to let her take a break from me and vice versa..She is crated at family meals etc...and she takes to the crate with no problems...she is even starting to go in there herself.

I dont want my family to suffer,because they feel Iam spending too much time with Hannah..

When she goes outside to do duties..we play after..for a good 30-40 mins..and we do this about 5-6 times a day,as well as playing with her inside the house....

Any suggestions? Thanks! :thumbs up

October 17th, 2004, 06:04 PM
your doing fine, shes a puppy have some fun, you'll never get to she her like this again. She goes into the crate herself is a good sign. We fed our dog in the crate, it was hers no one could get near it! it was quite funny to see a little pup defending her home.

October 17th, 2004, 06:21 PM
Myst, I was (am) the same way with my 8 month puppy. He does whine sometimes when I leave, but he shortly gets over it. My husband tells me when I get back, how long he whined, and that it is getting better. I have started putting him outside more, with out me. Hannah still to young to be alone. Cano is 8 months and just starting to be outside by himseld]f, with me going out to check on him every 15-20 minutes. Hannah is also still very young and need alot of attention.

I wouldn't worry too much about spending time with little Hannah. Try having your entire family participate during play time, after potty time. Play keep away. Throw one of Hannah's toys to one of your kids,then they throw it to some one else, and so on. Cano loved playing like this with my husband and I. He would go batty trying to get his toys before we could get them. Plus it wore him right out, and he took a good long nap, which in your case would allow some qualtiy family time, for you and your children. It should give you enough time to watch a movie together, or play a board game.
You have 2 daughters right, 9 and 12, they should love to play games with you and Hannah, and definately will love the quality family time with their mom.