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message for debannebell dog fence probs

October 17th, 2004, 04:59 PM
hi mate, i just read about your problem with the dogs over the back nad your baby attacing the fence. well we had a similar problem with the dog next door who kept attacking the wooden fence and charlie would attack back. it still happens occassionally casue the dog next door i s untrained and no one helps him but it has calmed a bit and this is what i did-

i tried almost everything, covering parts of the fence etc. what i eventually did was get a large sheet of black plastic and covered the fence where they can see through the gaps. i also blocked the area where the trouble generally started (one end of the fence) and it has helped a bit, at least it happens occassionally not all the time. i figure until one of us moves the neighbor and i will have a bit of a prob (my biggest being her crap care for the dog).

but i make it clear to all who read this -charlie my GSD has never started this, its that little rotten bugger next door that starts it all and sits and barks at charlie for hours till she cant stand it anymore and goes off.

but give it a go, if they cant see each other it lessens the problem.

also another one i just had, could you build a secoundary fence in front of yiour feence say about a meter form it to seperate your baby from the fence, but onyl do thati f you yard is big, your baby should not suffer for this prob.

but soon we will be gettting a solid colorbond fence so that should solve all our problems. mind you there is the same see through fence on the other side with dogs and charlie never bothers them ,they actually kiss through the fence, that is why i blame the dog on the other side, but she is a barking and howling nut so i totally understand why charlie does not like her..

good luck, and if you come up with some amazing idea that works permanantly let us know. :thumbs up :thumbs up crazy dogs

October 18th, 2004, 06:49 PM
just getting it up top so hope she sees it :crazy: :evil: :angel: