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Interesting Articles Re: Dog bites... Not Pits

October 17th, 2004, 10:29 AM
I have sent copies to Barlee's as well. Thought you guys might be interested.
1. Pomeranian kills 6week old Los Angeles Sept 21 2001.
2. St. Mary's co. Md. Washington Post- Dashund kills baby, eats through mesh on playpen, attacks baby
3. Kentucky 1979 (still trying to verify) Dashund mauls newborn, causes severe leg trauma resulting in amputation of newborns legs, baby later dies of severe infection.
4 Report re: Dog bites, fatalities, break down of stats/breeds From 1979-1996
5. This is a breakdown of all the bites and from which dogs in the community in 1998.
Chow Chows -- 9 major bites
Labrador Retrievers -- 9 major bites
German Shepherds -- 7 major bites
:evil: Pit Bulls -- 7 major bites
Akitas -- 5 major bites
Dalmatians -- 5 major bites
Rottweilers -- 5 major bites
Beagles -- 4 major bites
English Springer Spaniels -- 4 major bites
Collies -- 3 major bites
Jack Russell Terriers -- 3 major bites (tied for 10th)

Notice where Pit bull is listed in the line-up of "Major bites"??
Anyway, If I find anything else interesting I'll post it here.

October 18th, 2004, 11:40 AM
If we are sharing interesting tidbits, here are some that I found in a recent Ottawa Citizen article.

That report said there were 65 fatal pit bull attacks in the U.S. between 1979 and 1998.

"Pit bulls have been shown to be a very risky breed, for the purposes of public safety," the mayor said. But he stressed that he would not have brought forward a municipal bylaw banning the dogs because "it's not a priority" for him.

In Ottawa, there have been approximately 900 dog bites reported since 2001, and only five of those involved pit bulls. The most common breeds in dog-bite cases were golden retrievers and black Labrador retrievers.

some communities in Germany, where the list of banned dogs now includes 16 breeds. "It becomes a matter of hysteria," she said.

Ms. O'Connell said the problem of aggressive dogs could be better dealt with by legislating away "puppy mills" and "backyard breeders" who "breed indiscriminately without any concern for temperament."
She also suggested that the issuing of dog licences could be made more restrictive, to prevent breeds with aggressive tendencies from falling into the wrong hands.

THIS one I just thought was hilarious!

"The cost of this being downloaded on the municipality would be marginal," he said. "To the extent that it might create a marginal increase in enforcement costs, I would ask the province for financial assistance in dealing with that."

Notice the U.S. reference for stats? Now, is Canada at all like the US (I know we are getting there) - but in size can we really be compared? They should have thought about this. Although, we all know the ignorant people out there who will read US stats and think of them in the same manner as Canadian stats without a second thought.

SheriffMom - I like this whole sharing thread you have started:)