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Hello. My name is Julia.

March 2nd, 2013, 08:56 AM
I have a 10 year old black Lab named Blaze, that I adopted from the animal rescue center where he was abandoned just after birth. I cannot tell you how much I love this dog. He means everything to me. Several years ago he started getting "non cancerous" masses in various areas of his body. He has a very large one under his left front leg that he has learned to live with over the years. He has several smaller ones on his hip, etc. A couple weeks ago he started wheezing like a kid with asthma so we took him to the vet. They took xrays and found that he had a small mass on the bone right under his left eye. I had noticed that his eye kept running and when I wiped it he would flinch like it hurt. They took a sample and sent it out for biopsy. We have not gotten the results yet. This morning we noticed signs that his nose had been bleeding, which is a totally new development. We called the vet who said to keep our eyes on it and bring him in if he gets worth. Blaze also has arthritis and takes 2 tramadol tablets for pain twice each day. I told the vet that I am depending on them as professionals to tell me what I do not want to hear - which is when to let him go. I do not want me pet to suffer or be in pain because of my love for him. How will I know when I should let him go?:shrug:

Dog Dancer
March 3rd, 2013, 10:29 AM
Welcome to the board Julia and Blaze. Please bear with us, the weekend is often very quiet here. Others will be along.

I so understand your love for Blaze, I also have a black lab who was adopted as a pup from the pound. Her name is Halo. Halo is 12 years now, and also covered in lumps and bumps. Seems many breeds get them, but labs are very prone. Halo also has a large lump behind one of her front legs, but the vet assures me it doesn't hinder her mobility.

I am sorry to hear about the growth in Blaze's eye area. Trust your vet to steer you right, but trust your gut as well, and overall trust Blaze. If you read him well you will know when he is just going through the paces. I went through this just over a year ago with my 14 year old Akita X. Ultimately it was not the vet who told me when to have her pts, it was Shadow herself. The look in her eyes every day as she made the effort to do as I asked of her told me it was time. Not to sound hard, but if I can add this one last thought for you. Since losing Shadow (who literally was my shadow as she was with me 24 hours a day), many friends who had recently had their pets pts told me that they knew after the fact that they had waited too long. I had always promised my pups I would never keep them alive for me, but for them. Trust in the bond you and Blaze have to know when the time is right. Your vet may tell you a terrible truth, but Blaze will be honest if you read him well. Don't rush him to the door but when he's ready hold it open for him and guide him gently through it with love. :grouphug::grouphug:

Positive thoughts for you and Blaze, you are among friends who truly understand here so feel free to question, vent, rage, and cry (as I am again now) and above all else share your love for Blaze with us.

March 3rd, 2013, 12:00 PM
I so appreciate hearing from you. When I first searched the internet I was looking to talk to those who would understand and not think me foolish. I have found that in this website. I laid on the couch this morning next to Blaze as he slept. His nose is bleeding a little less today, but he is sneezing a lot. I prayed for God to help me realize when I must open that door for him. My husband wants to get another dog when this is all over, but I do not think I can go the ultimate pain of losing again. He thinks another dog will be good for me. Right now I hurt so much I cannot even imagine forging this kind of bond again. Thank you so much for listening to me.:cry:

Dog Dancer
March 3rd, 2013, 12:22 PM
Julia, I am glad to hear Blaze's nose bleeds are a little better today. You will find support on this board. And lots of opinions.

You are making me cry alot today:(. Even though I lost my dear Shadow over a year ago, I miss her every single day. But as I say that I have my older girl Halo by my feet, and two new puppies (Alaskan Malamutes) who are tearing up the house as I speak :D. Your husband's heart is in the right place. I am the type that desperately needs another dog to fill the void left by the one that passes. I still had Halo, but my husband knows Halo is older and I think he was worried about being alone with no dog. He is retired (I am not) and is home with Halo all the time (Shadow had seperation anxiety and came to work with me daily for the last 8 years). Hubby was worried about being home alone as the dogs are a great comfort to him during the day. So we set out to find ourselves one Malamute and ended up with two. I have always had a new dog within three days of losing the other.

Don't think the worst though, you really don't know that Blaze is nearing the end, it could be a minor setback. Love him to pieces and do what you can for him in the meanwhile. Keep him comfortable and loved above all else.

Maybe when the time comes for Blaze to cross the bridge you could look at rescuing/adopting a dog that desperately needs a loving home. Blaze would want you to share your love with another dog in need I'm sure. Keep your heart open to it, it is amazing how dogs comfort us. When the time is right you will know. But like I said, stay possitive, Blaze will know if you allow yourself to get too depressed. Ten is not that old for a lab. Hold the faith my friend.

March 3rd, 2013, 04:05 PM
Welcome blazinlove1 - I sure wish it was under better circumstances.

When the right time is, is just about the hardest thing pet owners go through and it's very personal.

We have an article on this site that I find very helpful for determining when the right time might be. I hope it can be of some help and I wish you much strength and courage :grouphug:

March 3rd, 2013, 06:46 PM
First I want to say that you wonderful person to put your dogs needs before yours. I had to put my beloved Standard Poodle down a little over 2 years ago. Finlay had cancer in his kidney . Finlay was a very proud dog and my hearing dog and it was getting hard for him to do his job as much as he wanted to and he was no longer able to eat without vomit his food right up. I knew it was time to let my dog cross over to the Rainbow Bridge so he could be free of his pain. I told Finlay I was going to take his pain away from him and carry it for him. This was the hardest thing I had to do and I am so sorry to hear you're having to go through this too. I feel every person and dog is difference and your dog and you will know when the time has come.

Dog Dancer
March 5th, 2013, 10:18 AM
Julia, we haven't heard back from you. I hope that you and Blaze are doing okay. Please keep us up to date, we do care.