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Where are animal shelters in the GTA?

October 16th, 2004, 10:02 PM
Hey guys,

I've been reading up on animal welfare and shelters and puppy mills and pit bulls and so on and so fourth since i joined this forum.

(actually, i joined to see if i could find out what was causing Hide's bloated tummy)

Anyhow, I've got it in my head about how horrid things are with overpopulation of dogs and cats and the EXTREME HELP
that shelters need,
but since i DO NOT have any money, or my own home,

I want to volunteer my weekends in animal services, because if I had my own home I would be fostering six cats, twelve rats, and fourty five dogs,
but i dont-so I'm not,

I'm wondering if anyone knows of some shelters in the NORTH york region of the greater toronto area.

(vaughn, markham, aroura, Richmond Hill- everything north of Steeles ave.
that are desperate for volunteers to work IN shelter.

I know the ToHS is in desperate need, and there's tons of places in Toronto,

but i would be paying 5$ a say to go, and since I'm BROKE and already got YRT transit month passes for school, It's free(-er) to travel up here.

Or if anyone here works or volunteers at an animal shelter or animal welfare center in toronto or *around* and LIVES in northern GTA and could give me a ride in on weekends?

Any takers?
Shelter names and contacts would be a good start.