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Westminster Rescue Update

October 16th, 2004, 07:46 PM
For those of you who had read and replyed to my earlier thread "MY POOR RESCUE" I have a good news update! Yay! I have been happy to hear from the wonderful Ms. Kelli with all of her updates. I am just so excited that I cannot help but share! I hope all of you enjoy the update as well! If you do not want to read through all of the updates just skip on to the last one :) I included them all as some of you really enjoy knowing the preceding events leading up to end results :) My heart is over-whelmed with joy for the Westminster Pet Sanctuary as it is just an amazing organization and their adoption fees are SO low! :love: They originally charged 75.00 (what I got Orlando for) and had to drop to 50.00 after recent events.

Just for the record: I am not biased, I think ALL reputable, loving and responsible rescues and shelters are amazing organizations because they are all volunteers and doing it for the same wonderful reasons and cause! :love: :love: :love: This one just hit a little close to home.....


Now as some of you may be aware, a Vet hospital in Ottawa has created
some "waves" and problems for us. Their complaint was that because I only
use one Vet for my spayings/neuterings this consitiutes "unfair business
practices and the Vet is violating code of ethics" in doing it.

Our Vet gives us a Humane Society rate for spayings/neuterings, which is why I can afford to use him. The other animal hospitals (including the one that complained!) are not so keen at giving us reduced rates which is why I cannot afford to use them.

Neither myself or our Vet has personally gained at all from using each others
services (just ask him to see our bill!!!) and I subside each adoption
spay/neuter personally. We have been seeing him for over 10 years.

Our Vet has taken a few steps back to sort this all out (he hated the violate
ethics jargon) and asked us as of October 4th not to issue any more
spay/neuter certificates until this is sorted out (we have complied) All certificates issued previously to this WILL BE HONOURED by them. We will continue to use them for all of the current critters in our care.

So that leaves us in a pickle for now. We have contacted another Vet and he is thinking about helping us out as he does not see any code of ethics
violations since nobody makes a dime from the spays/neuters at the Humane society rates.

So for the time being we will be adopting out our darling kitten babies for
$50 and they come health checked, dewormed, revolution treatment, demited and with first set of vaccinations (no we still do not make one single dime from adoptions)

Our darling adults still come to you dewormed, revolution treatment,
de-mited, all vaccinations, health checked and spayed/neutered for $50

Our seniors come with all of the above for $25.

Hopefully this week coming will be a big adoption week as we have so many
beautiful furry faces looking for a new forever home.

Yours in fur,



Okay..I have figured out a way to get around this spay/neuter crisis with the
help of our Vet!

It is perfectly fine with the Canadian Veterinary Council if I am the one
bringing in the critters myself for spayings/ is just I cannot
"force" others to use my Vet.

So....when the time comes for the kitten to be spayed/neutered the new
adoptive home simply calls me up, and I will pick up the critter, drop it off at the Vet, then after surgery return the cat the the adoptive family.

A few drawbacks to this is..
A) Time
B) Gas..we spend a fortune in gas already. Do you think people would object
if I raised my adoption price by let's say $10 in order that it could help
offset the cost of gas?

Let me know your opinion, I would really appreciate it, but the great news is
I can offer the spay/neuter again, which I know is a huge bonus to people.

So the kittens are back to $75, with the spay/neuter (or $85 depending on the feedback I get)



NEWEST - This Week

My spay/neuter program is back in business as well. We are able to continue
to offer spay/neuter certificates with one little hitch...I will be required
to pick them up from the adoptive home and bring them to the Vet myself and pick them up afterwards and return them to the adoptive home. This is acceptable to the Canadian Veterinary Council. This new procedure is only for NEW adoptions starting this week, and anyone who has adopted from me in the past can still bring in their critters themselves to the Vet for the spay/neuter.

This is alot of extra work for me, however, the important thing is I can
continue to offer the spay/neuter certificates. Since it not only involves my
time, but alot of travelling (which equals gas!) I really had no option but to
increase my adoption prices to now $85 from $75 to help offset the extra cost involved. Our prices are still the lowest anywhere, so I am hopeful people will understand the fee increase.

Pet Valu will be featuring our kittens in store at the Alta Vista location in
Ottawa in a couple of weeks..we are pretty excited and thank you to Pet Valu!

So me make next week a better adoption week than this one and pass this along to anyone you know that may be looking for a furry new friend to share their heart and home with.

Yours in fur,


October 18th, 2004, 01:41 PM
Oh yeah, and if anyone is interested in seeing the animals that are on her site the Westminster Pet Sanctuary is in

As well, I wanted to note that my posts are not in breach of confidence - this is a weekly Newsletter that goes out to people who are interested in updates on the Sanctuary.


October 18th, 2004, 02:14 PM
I love good news and I dont think increasing your price would deter anybody who is serious against adopting. Good luck and keep up your great work :crazy: :D :thumbs up :angel: