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Newcomer & Mourning Our Beloved Kodiak

February 5th, 2013, 03:52 PM
A newcomer in mourning for our beloved Kodiak (04/04/2001 - 01/22/2013)
... but looking forward to contributing through sharing the wonder of our
time with him.

If you would like to visit the memorial website prepared for Kodi, please click on his picture ... (

February 6th, 2013, 07:22 AM
Welcome to the forum Qontry, I sure wish it was under better circumstances.
We understand what you are going through - it's the hardest part of being a pet lover..... and you'll find our forum very supportive. :grouphug:

I see you posted an actual Rainbow Bridge post and i'll include it here so people can offer you their condolences in the most appropriate place.

Please accept my condolences again. :sorry:


Dog Dancer
February 6th, 2013, 03:04 PM
Welcome to the Board,Kodiak was a beautiful pup.

February 17th, 2013, 07:52 PM
I would like to express my condolences. I know how you feel, a few years ago I had to put my dog down due to his severe health issues. It's hard when you feel he is part of the family. I really like the picture of your dog.