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Teeth Cleaning in Dogs

January 9th, 2013, 09:24 AM
Hey Forum Community!

I have some questions about dog teeth cleaning :D:

1. Any current estimates on accurate prices in Ontario :ca: for vet visit under anesthesia? (sans extractions... as far as I know)
2. Will this make a major difference in my dog's health/longevity?
3. What is a reasonable and useful teeth-cleaning practice for dog owners? (vet-visits, only? regular cleaning at home?)

I can see there hase been some discussion on teeth cleaning here before. I'm looking for an up to date discussion/input on this.

I have 2 medium-sized dogs. Our beagle mix is roughly 8(?) and I'm sure she should have her teeth professionally cleaned.They are terribly dirty and her breath is terrible (she's a 'senior' rescue). I'm wondering the current cost of this and whether or not it will help her live a longer and more enjoyable life (or has she gone too long without dental care and a cleaning won't really help)?

The other one is a 3yr old lab mix (also adopted), with what appear to be white and healthy teeth.

I have an enzymatic (poultry flavoured!) toothpaste that they both love, but a) I don't think it makes a difference for the senior girl's teeth, and b) even though I brush it on, I feel like they just like eating/licking it and how is it supposed to really keep their teeth clean.

Constructive input appreciated!

January 12th, 2013, 11:30 PM
Yes, keeping the teeth healthy may increase health and longevity. The bacteria in the mouth can cause problems if it builds up, and some dogs can get heart problems from it.

There are some products out ther (Petzlife?) That some have had success with. I always fed raw cut beef soup bones to clean the teeth. Some use other types of raw chicken pieces (I'm not a raw feeder, just enough to keep the teeth in decent shape). Never feed cooked bones though, they are dangerous, and the raw will not work for every dog. My acupuncture vet has someone come in and do anesthesia free cleaning, but I don't know anymore about that.