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my puppy is ill

lorri lee
October 15th, 2004, 08:38 PM
undefinedundefinedmy puppy is a mixed breed lhasa and ****zu he's was so sick on the ferry monday oct11th vommiting and bad diarroea.well all that night at home he didn't eat or drink water until late at night is friday he's back to normal it seems like but he hasn't had a bowel movement yet he's peeing and passing gas thats it is this normal after being so ill?

October 15th, 2004, 08:41 PM
Could pup have eaten something he wasnt suppose too? He could have even gotten ferry in car sick..perhaps too much excitement..If hes still having problems,you may want to switch him to a bland diet,such as cooked rice and cooked lean beef or chicken..that helps settle their tummies

Just keep a close eye on him and good luck!

lorri lee
October 15th, 2004, 08:47 PM
I don't think "cheech" ate anything he's been on the ferry lots maybe i should explain he's 1 i guess he's not a pup put to me he'll always be my's just that he's vommit before just never this bad i have given him a bland diet he's eating and drinking just no bowel movement i think i'll take him to the vet tomorrow morning if nothing happens tonight after his walk...thank-you for responding!!!! :)

October 15th, 2004, 09:11 PM
Hi Lori

I'd check with the vet first be safe. If all is fine then maybe he's just "sea sick" :sick:

lorri lee
October 15th, 2004, 09:14 PM
thank-you for your concerns ..he's been on the ferry lots i hope he doesn't get sea sick that would be terrible for little "cheech" but i will check with our vet :D