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Please help my marking dog

October 14th, 2004, 07:28 PM
I adopted a newly neutered 3 yr old chihuahua mix he is real cute and was abused. I knew we could overcome his shyness , he was very sweet tempered. He started marking the house slowly then once a month he would poop in the same spot almost to the day. I used natures miracle which did nothing. I put up with it because of the newness of us etc.. The he wouldn't do it for a while. Then he would ,mind you there were no changes in our life and he gets alot of attention the kids are in llove with him. Anyway we moved and I was a wreck thinking he would do it in the new house, well he didn't and I thought that his hormones were all out after several months well I was wrong. We had to put some work in the house and he was very good with the work men no accidents well now the work is long gone and he started pooping in the house again so I confine him to the kitchen now at night (we would find it the morning) it is NOT because he doesn't geto out enough we live in CA so he is out alot and walked 3 x a day . He can hold it for 8 hrs or more. Well he got out of the gate from the kitchen and he went to poop in the living room again! I did the wrong thing I regret now by rubbing his nose in it. He also qoes in stages where he eats 2x aday then sometimes only once. He acts normal and looks great. Well this one will blow you husband comes home form work (they adore each other) yeaterday and he ran in the living room and peed all over an old chair which he has never marked. ( i know cause it stains ) so now what do we do? I do not want a dog that is going to do this! Chihuahuas can live12-15 yrs I do not know how to break this and this past behavior was so irradict and strange. He has never marked the family room or bedrooms. He was doing the pooping in the middle of the night and that one time when the gate came down. I was hoping that locking him in the kitchen would help now I think he was mad and went and pooped. He was not confined at all before but always stayed in his bed upstairs during the day when I was gone. Whoever had this dog before really messed him up. Like I said he has come such along way our friends adn family are amzed at the difference..from when we got him. We are now coming up on our 1 yr anniversay and he is going nuts! DOes anyone know what is going on? My husband says this is why a 3 yr old dog is at the pound because with his ove of us, no barking, sweet great with kids loves to go in the car, loves to watch little league this dog is too good to be true..well now we know why he was givien away. When you have a dog ruing your carpet and furniture it is very upsetting any ideas out there????

October 21st, 2004, 12:23 AM
try a belly band on him. It goes around his body and around his whoo hoo. When he marks, he will pee into the band. He won't like the feel of it. As for the pooping, I have 2 small dogs and I leave a pee pad out for them. When they have to go they use that. They are not fully trained yet but accidents will happen. Good luck