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Mother cat's reaction to re-homing kittens

October 13th, 2012, 03:09 PM
Just about all of the material I've read deal with the welfare of a kitten when re-homing them, which is understandable. But in a situation such as mine, where the kittens are still 'living' with mommy cat, what about the welfare of the mother? Will there be any separation anxiety from her end? After all, she has taken care of them all this time. The kittens are almost 10 weeks old now - mommy Newt still frequently grooms and calls to them.

Also, whenever I lock the kittens in a separate room, even for a brief moment, Newt will sit right in front of the door and stare intently and start pawing the door, like she's worried. There are also times if one of the kittens is napping out of sight, she will start looking for him/her (I've done the same thing, just for peace of mind, so I guess we are both of the same mind :)) - is this normal behaviour?

How long does the attachment last between a mother and her kittens?