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Meet Aurora

September 10th, 2012, 11:29 AM
Image by Mission Wolf (authorized use of image by co founder of mission wolf Kent)

I have decided to sponsor Aurora. I am feeling good knowing that the money will go directly to feeding the wolves.

Her story was sad but Mission Wolf has changed her life.

Mission Wolf describes her story in their membership section as follows.

"Aurora is a wolf-dog cross who was born March 2001 in Vermont. She was allowed to free-run in the woods, until she was shot out of fear. A kind person found Aurora, amputated her damamged leg, and nursed her back to health. Missing a front leg sounds daunting, but it does't seem to slow Aurora down. She is a successful escape artist and hunter. In the fall of 2002, Aurora was brought to M:W because she killed a neighbor's turkeys. She now lives and plays with Rouge."

Just wanted to share my joy. Will post more when I get my package.

Translation for the people in my province:
Traduction de mon texte en français.

J’ai décidé de commanditer la chienne Aurora. Savoir que l’argent est utilisé pour nourrir les chiens me remplit de joie.

Son histoire était triste mais Mission Wolf a changé sa vie.

Son histoire comme décrite dans le secteur membership suit :

"Aurora est un hybride chien-loup qui est née le mois de Mars 2001 au Vermont. Il lui était permis de courir librement dans le boisé, jusqu’a ce que on lui a tiré dessus. Une personne gentille l’a trouvée et amputé sa jambe endommagée et l’a soignée jusqu'à ce que elle c’est remise. Malgré le fait qu’elle manque une jambe en avant ça ne la ralenti pas. Elle est habile dans l’art de s’évader et chasse très bien. L’automne 2002 Aurora a été amené a Mission Wolf parce qu’elle avait tué les dindes d’un voisin. Elle vit et joue maintenant avec Rouge."

September 10th, 2012, 07:52 PM
She's a beautiful dog.

September 10th, 2012, 10:10 PM
She's a beautiful dog.

Thank you the more I look at her the more I feel a connection. Today some people thought it was curious I did this because I can't pet her. I can't explain it I feel just as good as when I had my own dog.

I think when you get my age you don't have the same needs from furry pets as when you were a child. I know she is happy were she is and intend to keep her well fed.

If I get to meet her one day it will just be the icing. She is giving something to me that I needed for a long time now, karma.