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Zylkene for stress in cat or dog

August 30th, 2012, 03:02 PM
Hi everyone,

Has anyone here given Zylkene ( alpha-S1 tryptic casein) to a cat or dog? Did it work? How much did you pay?

My vet told me about this product when I asked how I could help my 8 year old dog Arielle adjust when my nearly 17 year old dog Mickey passes on... I'm getting used to the fact that Mickey won't be with me for long :( and because of Arielle's behaviour in certain past events, I know she will have a hard time adjusting to his absence so I'm trying to plan ahead as I always do!

My vet told me Zylkene ( ) is natural and does take time to be effective although as with any solution, some animals don't respond at all. Arielle would need a daily dose of 450 mg and for 30 days, it costs around 75$ :headslap: I don't know how long she would have to be on Zylkene: weeks, months, years?? I'm searching to find out if a cheaper human equivalent exists but no luck.

Thank you for any feedback you may have to offer :)

August 30th, 2012, 05:02 PM
This is so interesting. I really hope we can get someone's input here. Someone who has experience with this. I haven't heard of it but often pet stress related things interest me.