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July 4th, 2012, 03:01 PM
Hi all,

My experience with ******* has been terrible. Their customer care is horrible. They kept me waiting on the phone for 12 mins!! Then they take so long to return your claim (at least 3 months). I pay my premium faithfully every month. Last time my dog had an operation which cost me about $ 10,000. Absolutely no claims and my dog was healthy for 10 years until that time. They only paid me $200!!!! back. I absolutely so not advice anyone. In fact, if you have ******* now, SWITCH immediately. When my old dog was getting old and was in need of a lot of medical attention, they did not help me at all. Many times, I was left with a big bill and a huge credit card debt. I was close to bankruptcy many times and they didn't even help. They started to mention many exclusions, such as no coverage for any diagnostic tools, pills, many other vet procedures, special diet and capped their categories, especially they would change their rules to whatever way to their liking. My boyfriend went to their head office in Oakville and blasted them serveral times. Everytime I went to the vet's office, they would ask if I want to submit my claim, I said I would try but my claim was always denied. They were starting to think I had no insurance.

July 4th, 2012, 04:02 PM
I think under the General forums (This one) there's a section to ask things to your insurance company.
This is so unfortunate. It's so hard to cover vet bills no doubt they could send you or anyone else to bankruptcy. I'm really sorry you're going through these difficulties. No one's exempt from situations like this