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Skin/fur "issues"

June 28th, 2012, 04:38 AM
When we got Princess from the local Humane Society, she stunk! Of course, being away from that necessary but awful place, she smelled like a cat again within a couple of days.

She also had dandruff and was undernourished (been at the shelter from November to May) but we were told that she was just skinny and would not put on any weight at her age (13 years old).

A week or so later, the dandruff was gone and another couple of weeks saw her filling out and we can't feel her vertebrae anymore when we pet her. Makes me wonder what the heck that shelter is doing and who it's manned by!

Not only was little miss pussycat sad and lost after her owner had died, she was also neglected and starved at the shelter!

I was contemplating giving her some cod liver oil in her food, but since the dandruff cleared up with "just" enough good food, I haven't done it.

However: she sheds like crazy! We brush her daily and still find clumps of shed fur on the bed, her chair, the couch when she lies on it between us; and when wee pet her loose fur just flies everywhere!

I've always had a cat, and yes they shed; but this is ridiculous :)

She's a short-hair (see pics in the thread "Princess" in the general forum) and I've had long haired cats leave less fur than her.

Any ideas? Supps that could help?

June 28th, 2012, 07:31 AM
Makes me wonder what the heck that shelter is doing and who it's manned by!

May not have been the direct fault of the shelter as much as the fact that Princess was probably very stressed by her situation and just didn't eat enough. Most shelters also tend to feed Science Diet kibble (Hill's gives them a deal, thus ensuring they get some new customers when the adopters continue with the same food), which has very poor quality ingredients.

Any ideas? Supps that could help?

What does she currently eat?